MDEdit : MachineDrum Editor and Librarian

MDEdit has a few tricks up it’s sleeves…


A green sleeves generative model in the works.
Awesome mate!

OT style ARP ?. Buchla source of uncertainty randoms?
Embedded mutable instruments machines would be a dream for me. anyways, vcv rack with go well with mdedit in vsti form, under vcv rack host.

I’m wouldn’t be surprised if you have got into the machinedrum OS. If so, sell us new machines, please, ha.

Are you with Machinedrum Scot?

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:robot:looks really good !!

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Oh yes, I am with Machinedrum.


This is exciting, @Rusty! Congrats!

I’d also like to throw my hat into the ring for beta testing! Running OSX High Sierra


Take my money

Rusty sign me up. I am on OS X high Sierra on iMac Pro 2017


Would happily pay for this!


The Return of the Silver Box



Really looking forward to have a full DAW (Cubase, MacOS) integration for Machinedrum (and probably for Monomachine in the future?) and I’am willing to pay for a great solution!

However, I’d like to suggest to reconsider the colour scheme, choice of control elements and font sizes. There’s a lot of contrast for the larger elements, while the smaller ones have low contrast – which makes the whole appearance harder to read than necessary.

Just found this thread… rusty, take my hard earned money. Right what I was looking for.

Fiddling with sample relocation from one saple bank to another, within different snapshots is soooo pain in the arse, I’d be happy to be a paying customer again.

If later on you need a tester for win x64, let me know.


Just realised this existed. Well done Rusty. Can’t wait for it. Would love an MNM version too, is this feasible?
In fact, dark trinity plus silver boxes would be awesome and assist greatly with pattern management.

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No comment.


Wow this is awesome. I’ve been looking forward to getting OctaEdit but I guess I’ll have to double up. My current live set is Octa + MD so this is perfect.


Will the Sample module allow drag/drop function?

Really looking forward for this to drop asap. I’m used to the work flow of the DN and DT. When I got the MD later, it was quite a challenge to figure it out. Hoping this will ease the workflow to something similar to the current elektron devices.

This might cover it , it’s mentioned in the features section at the top.
“ A fully featured Audio Finder module with full integration and drag/drop functionality with the Samples module‘

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If you need any more beta testers, I’m here. MacBook Air early2014 with Catalina + MDmkII non UW.


Very excited for this, also up to beta test

  • windows 10 with MD UW MKII

I’m toying around with a couple of ideas around release schedule / timings etc.

That may involve the same process as OctaEdit, i.e. a limited number of early-bird licenses.

Or it may involve a Kickstarter / Indiegogo / pre-sales; as this would:

a) allow me to justify the time and energy to senior management (i.e. my partner) so she is not paying all the bills… happy wife, happy life.

b) Means I know there is income there, so I can concentrate full time; instead of it bits and bobs around job hunting.


I can back within 5 minutes of its posting.