MDEdit : MachineDrum Editor and Librarian

Pretty much anything apart from a single parameter can be Copied / Pasted / Saved to the Library / Loaded from the Library; if you peek at OctaEdit’s Library module/implementation, squint, and imagine the same for a Machinedrum, you’d get the right idea.


Awesome, are you planning on an integration via Megacommand, TM-1 or both? ^^

Neither / Both / All.

Working on supporting OSv1.63 and X.04 for all models simultaneously, regardless of model, or midi capabilities.


First time i have read about this; been working hard with MegaCommandLive for the last half year or so, building units like my a** was on fire for other people. But this looks like an outstanding application, well done! MCL and this - Machinedrum, the best drum machine created, is very much alive and kicking, no doubt about it! :smiley:

Registered for the mailing list, i need to get in on this. I would definately pay for a VST version or whatever; look at the interest that MCL stirred up in the community. I´m just a sole builder, one of many, and i´ve built a sh*tload of units. And for the tiny amount of cash you´re asking (80 bucks, wasn´t it?) you will probably sell a LOT of licenses, if the software if good enough, well tested and brings something new to the table.

I admit; i haven´t read up on the details but just skimming them makes me all excited. I´d love to help out with beta testing but i´m late in the game so i realize i shouldn´t hope for too much. But don´t rush the process, dp it proper and good, ansd you will have a success in your hands. Testing, testing, testing so the bugs don´t fck sht up for you.

I wish you the bestest wishes with this precious software, amazed how inventive and skilled people are… but the machine is totally worth it and my heart goes out to you and everyone that does things like this!


Just signed up for the mailing list. MCL + x.04 user here, please let me have access asap!

2021 08 24 Update:

Given the release today of X.05, I’m going to go add support for that first. So back to the drawing board as it were :slight_smile:


I think keeping up with that dev crew will keep your hands full.

any update on the availability or is this DOA?

On hold / won’t be released until I release OctaEdit v2.

a) There are some changes in OctaEdit / apis / libraries that will propagate into MDEdit.

b) People would yell at me for doing so; and I don’t need that stress / headache.

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Ruuuuuussty. Come on you legend, this is too good to sit on. If I send you beer will it speed it up?

Imagine the abuse I’d cop if I pushed this out before OctaEdit v2?

But imagine the praise, too.


Pffft. Who cares about the OT?!

(Well, actually I’ve been holding off on Octaedit ever since I heard there’s a V2 in the works, so I’ll happily send 2 cases of beer).

Abuse outweighs praise :expressionless:

We don’t hear the abuse, so its of no concern to us :stuck_out_tongue:


guess this is on hold, isn’t it?

There is/has been a complete rewrite; to factor in OSX changes, and the awesome work of the [redacted] development team. Supports OSv1.63 and X.nn

There are a couple of other things, but I am not in a position to say much more at the moment.


I will be a paying customer when it is ready!

When this is released I will definitely pay, what a great tool. Thanks Rusky for putting in the time and effort.
Any idea on when it will be finished?
My email is registered.

Just here to show some support to @Rusty
Really hoping you can soon share this with the world.
What a huge and great project!
Thanks a lot for your dedication!