MC-707 vs Toraiz SP16 Sound

Any MC 707 + SP16 users who can compare how they sound ?
Love the SP16 sound but the the new update is really making me consider the MC-707
Thanks !

I have an MC-707 and a Force, but now the SP-16 has come down in price I’m interested to know peoples thought of how it compares.

I might pick one up to try, anyone selling one?

SP-16 sounds the best of any gear I’ve had, including the 707.

The SP is my favorite sample player, hands down.

The 707 is a better sequencer though. More options like odd numbered steps.

I’m going to get a squid to use along side the SP so I have a little more creative control with the sequences/patterns when I want to use hardware.


The gods sent us the MC707 to punish us. Behold, they said, how awesome a groove box can be. Now watch, for we will transform it into a mess.

Must be a special place in Greek myth hell, for people like us, where we get tasked with writing a song on an instrument and first we’re shown something awesome and then given the MC707.


Do you still have the 707, do you use them sync’d up?

I’m kinda on a mission to try out all of these boxes for myself. I actually just bought a used SP-16 straight after making that post so looking forward to trying it when it arrives on Tuesday.

I didn’t find it too frustrating, but it definitely has some disappointing omissions and quirks.

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Nah. I sold the 707 a few months ago. It wasn’t the most inspiring box for me.

Although the SP is definitely short on features compared to the 707, it’s really fun, fast, and inspiring for me to use. Hard to explain.


Congrats on your SP16! Personally I LOVE mine. Limited feature set but what it does it does well and it’s quite immediate for most things. Make sure you upgrade its firmware to the latest in case your SP16 isn’t on it and then get a current manual, a few features were added down the line :slight_smile:


Do you use it as a brain of your setup?

Not really. Its sequencer is pretty limited in terms of randomness and experimentation i.e. it doesn’t do odd numbered steps per track. You’re fixed at the pattern length for all tracks. No probability, etc.

I use Ableton + Max4Live for all that.

But that’s why I’m interested in a Squid for when I want to play with hardware. I can see the Squid being the “brains”. The SP can be the heart of your set-up, but other sequencers are probably much more capable imo.

When I jam with the SP, I usually just keep it all in the one box.

You can use it (SP16) for very creative stuff not even using the sequencer.I often used it like i worked with my SP404 blending long samples together but with pitch and LFO a lot more flexible.Sounded good too.But i just got Maschine+ and altho its maybe not as bombproof its like i can imagine the SP16 could have been in an ideal world.Id like to have them side by side…SP16 and Maschine + would be a killer combo.Never used the 707.

Good tips, thanks

Funny I started the thread but since then I started using the SP16 with iPad Pro ( fills in the gaps of missing features in the SP) great combination haven’t fully dived in to Drambo, but man it’s making the possibility of me selling my OT a real possibility.

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Can you connect the iPad by USB? Just MIDI or audio too?

iPad via USB -Midi
SP16 controlling iOS synth
Just in case you haven’t seen this video

I use the SP as the core of my setup along with the A4, which can send out extra midi tracks into the SP whenever Elektron sequencer tricks are needed. Overall my favorite hardware sampler ever.

Never used the 707 but the UI looks a bit crap to me.

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Definitely best hardware sampler I have used. I can’t say enough good things about how it sounds. Would love multisampling capabilities but the iPad fixes that “issue”

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does the SP16 offer much in terms of sample mangling?

Not like an OT - but it does have LFO, FX, etc

Not a lot compared to OT but when you run drum samples through it then it improves the sound usually

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