Massive X


If Massive X is coming out in Summer, does that mean they’re going to reveal a huge selling point of the Komplete upgrade during the Summer of Sound?

Seems like a strange move. I’d wager they’re going to try to make SoS end just before the release of Massive X


Just released. Check your native access accounts





I went for their upgrade to Komplete 12. I had Komplete 8 previously and the price was only £70! Well worth it considering Massive X was included free, just downloaded it.



Oh, yeah, that’s really quite massive :smiley:

A short overview of the new structure and the new features:


Aye, so, I do think this is pretty cool but it suffers from being in a market place saturated with complex ultra-flexible and in-depth softsynths. So, I’m sure that there are countless pleasurable hours to be had with it, ultimately I don’t have the time to sink into it right now. Too many other things software/hardware. I’m still on K10 so by the time K13 comes out and then is on a sale I will probably be all over this like a sheep eating turnip. Especially if it worked out at about £70!!


I’ve never heard this expression before, but I love it


I don’t think any of my macs are new enough to run it, dated os / cpu :frowning:
I can’t run latest reaktor 6 either.

I need to get with ‘the modern stuff’


That’s my plan, too … no need to rush … :smiley:


Where’s The Drop button. This thing is totally useless!


that key switching of modulators at 4:45 is a great implementation


Might add it to my repertoire… I normally just use “all over it like a fat kid on a smartie”

Same boat here. 2009 iMac. Can’t afford a new Mac, so what can you do?

I can run Reaktor 6; but due to unknown reasons; installing Reaktor 6 broke XCode.

I assume because NI bundled some dependencies or something? Not sure. But I had to uninstall it quick smart, else can’t cut code. And obviously that is more important to me.


I think when they did block base and the other new thing , with the big update to 6.2 it stopped working on 10.11.6
My iMac is 10 years old , I’m not surprised it’s out of date.
It’s fine for rendering off scales , running a abl3 through fx , but I doubt it could do a proper tune .

Just about enough to run overbridge and capture 1 box , which is fine right now…


I also enjoy “like a dog eating beetroot” but that only really works in a Scottish accent using “dug” instead of “dog”.


just watched Nick Bates’ review/demo of it. Looks like a preset machine to me…so many options, I can imagine it will be difficult to make choices with this thing.

Sound wise, I need to try it out of course, but from what I could hear in the video, I feel Omnisphere and the u-he stuff sound better.

All in all, on first impression I’m not really that excited about it. Maybe after I try it I may change my mind and be all over it like a cow on a pasture…


First impression - presets sound gorgeous, but the UI doesn’t feel very intuitive. Need to dive into the sound-design aspect.

Quite a few people are narked that they can’t run it on older CPUs, including i7s.


I thought it looks really cool and very powerful.
very modular


I don’t know how important this kind of stuff is for practical use, but here’s a sadowick vid demonstrating some pretty bad aliasing even compared to the original massive.

I guess in real world use, sounding “right” is the important thing


I was surprised to discover that Massive X won’t even run on my computer, which is a 2013 Macbook Air. It requires an AVX compatible processor. I’m used to graphics-intensive games not running on my computers, but soft synths is a new experience. I’ll have to sit with this uncomfortable feeling for a moment.