Massive X


interesting :thinking:


So what exactly will it be featurewise in February 2019? I hate the tease, with all these screen animations. Details please NI.

So i assume/guess if you buy the upgrade to Komplete 12, that this is included. Does anyone know? ADDED: I do now – the answer is yes.


I saw on various spots on the site “Available in February at no extra cost”.

What a positive spin on “This portion of Komplete will be delayed” :smiley:



So not to be completely off topic here but also in Komplete 12 is Kontakt 6


The Maschine Mikro mk I I I

The Komplete Kontrol S88 Mark II keyboard.


Kontakt 6 seems to resemble the Halion 6 approach with layering wave tables and samples. We’ll see when it’s released though.


Kontakt 6 didn’t impress me at first and then I thought of the cool libraries that’s going to spin. Perhaps even some that aren’t sample libraries- because after messing with the Symphony collection I’m not trusting my computers ability to play those Massive Kontakt libraries.


Those massive libraries are a mixture of multi samples and scripts that play notes / chords/ and articulations. Yea you do need a workhorse computer to run those smoothly .


Makes sense.
Massive was in a league of its own when released way back in 2007, but there have been many other wavetable synths released since that have gone far and beyond.
Really looking forward to getting this.
This will be HUGE


Komplete 12 looks like a good upgrade. Will probably update from 10 now.


Looks like they spent more time rendering geometric shapes that getting massive x ready .
They needed something to make more use if the marketing budget for komplete 12 , add more perceived value for anyone considering a purchase.

Their recent releases , Trk-1and those 3 plugins sounded good , some reactor ensembles are great too ( currently using vintage a lot , sounds great , it’s a few years old )


What vintage are you using ? Reaktor 5? Just curious


Think I read its a free upgrade too. That rustles my jimmies.


It’s free after you upgrade to Komplete 12


Hmmm, Okay. I just have massive and reaktor. So I guess Ill watch reviews and continue using Serum :joy:


I know this is going to sound shallow- but the thing I’m most interested in is the updated UI.

I never want to use Massive because it’s visually not compelling to use


It’s a fair point I’d say. If the interface isn’t intuitive, it hinders rather than helps. I’ve never been all that into the Massive interface myself.


The only thing that’s for sure is that there will be a synthesis engine for custom wavetables. Hope it will be as intuitive as the Serum wavetable creator.
I really like massive, i always saw it as a virtual alternativ to the Virus ti.
But the quality of current plugins is so high that i doubt that Massive X will be as successful as it’s predecessor.
Apparently the wrote the complete code for the sound engines from ground up, which is a good indicator that the update is more as just a few more effects.



i’m running it in reaktor 6 , i think the ensemble is called vintage , its about 2 years old and sounds very nice.


Reviving this thread highlights just how long this has been on the go for… anyways, some additional information surfacing about this with screenshots here:

And a blog which talks about features here:

No sounds or videos as yet and it seems the release date is now looking like June. Looks like a really nice interface and I can see potential in it for sure but at this stage I’m still very much on the fence. I’m a couple of releases back on Komplete so we’ll see whether the full info will be enough to get me brandishing the cash with wild abandon…