Massive X


time to upgrade if you want wub wub wub,


There was a pretty robust discussion of this over on KVR and the main conclusion was that Sadowick’s video is flawed and what he terms as aliasing isn’t. Sadowick made a brief appearance saying that others were wrong without really refuting any of their points. But hide say he would come back with another video to prove his point.

As yet, that’s not appeared but he does seem content to collect the clicks on the original video.

I’m no expert on aliasing but my inclination on reading the various points was that Sadowick was wrong. Not that I particularly care, as I’ve no idea which of my favourite synths fare well or not with regards to aliasing. The growing trend of youtubers who click bait their way to notoriety does rip my knitting somewhat.


Beautifully put… :rofl:


I thought the current generation of harsh rubbery EDM Future Bassheads/Deadmice etc loved Aliasing for its zippery thrills and it was actually a feature :rofl:


New video is out and it’s clearly aliasing, not that it’s particularly detrimental in real world but it’s there none the less


I hate NI Massive. It’s responsible for all that Skrillex Bro-Step crap.


I’m unsure what zippery thrills are and I’m conflicted about that. On the one hand, I feel like I should try it once, but on the other hand, perhaps that’s a young man’s game.


As I said, I’m no real expert and, as you say, in the real world it rarely matters. Perhaps I’ll break out the Michael Jackson eating popcorn gif and head over to KVR to see the fallout.


Haha il see you there


I’ll throw it into my neve MBP and smooth it out with the silk. Game over.

I understand that there’s aliasing but there’s a lot to this synth that sounds good coming out of day 1.


As long as it sounds good, I could care less what YouTube says.

But if the aliasing denies me that 1 extra like on SoundCloud (I average about 1-2), then, “goddamit!”


I love NI massive. It’s responsible for the first Moderat album


here’s the follow up vid, for posterity.


Eh, it’s a tool, and a fairly deep one from my understanding. It’s also the main synth Disasterpeace used on Fez and Hyper Light Drifter, two of the best game soundtracks in recent memory, as well as his score for It Follows, so clearly it’s capable of a lot more than wub-wub and bass drops.


I think skrillex and the edm band wagon was responsible for that stuff , not massive.

Though if I’d had that amount of success I’d be happy and wouldn’t care what anyone thought on a music forum. I’d probably be flying around the world fully enjoying things.


Do you know on which tracks and sounds they used it?


Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been in the club when the DJ throws a song on and everybody stopped dancing and started criticising the synth aliasing


The video is unlisted. Very interesting!


they said in several interviews that they used it all over the place. basically every sound on that record is massive. I‘m pretty sure they created their own sounds :wink:
for moderat II they didn‘t use it at all on purpose

the modeselector guys are also huge fans of razor btw


Yep, they used Razor for the hook on Evil Twin