Make Noise 0-coast


There is one thing I alreadey got AR and AK. So I’m noy so big fan of buying extra drum machine like dfam. How about octatracks sequencer? Is it enough or do i reallly need extra sequencer?


Ak for cv/gate and OT for midi should be plenty of sequencer to begin with. Sq1’s cool too though, different, would probably lead you to some sequences that you wouldn’t have found via Elektron sequencer. But equally vice versa…


it’s plenty. but an analog sequencer is something different. firstly, you’ll get different results vs plugging notes into OT. secondly, you can use it to sequence CV in the 0-coast as well. yes, you can do this with the AK as well, but as I said, analog sequencer is simply different.


Plenty but be mindful of one thing: you cannot detach the Mother’s sequencer from the synth. Which means that every time you hit play on the OT the sequencer will start (and youll have to press stop). There are OK workarounds by still a right PITA imo. If you don’t need EDIT: transport you can disable it on the OT (I cannot as other things are connected) and it should be fine.


So after all probably I will start with 0-coast and after that probably try to find some kind of partner to 0-coast


Or probably i should sell my ak and get dfam😝


Ak’s pretty dope to have around for modular…Cv/gate Sequencer, clock, cv Keyboard/arpeggiator, Route Euro through AK fx/filter/drive… etc…+ the onboard tracks all syncing nice with everything else… I end up using it for something or other in most patches.


that was a funky lil jam


I’ve been using M-32 and 0-Coast as a duo for my live set, they make for a monster monosynth! Cross-mod and FM sound amazing with the wildly different oscillator timbres, the Moog filter shapes them into a gooey cohesive whole.

Using the M-32 sequencer can take a bit of time to remeber how to add ratcheted notes and slides, but it’s quite powerful once you build muscle memory.

I’m sure a DFAM would be a excellent option too, never tried one myself but demos sound dope.


This!! And the comments from @Skippit are absolute truth. Even if you’re sequencing the 0-Coast from the OT the SQ1 is great to modulate other inputs… between having 2 x 8 step lanes (or 1 x 16) with a slew of directions, active step and step jump, gate length, really quick access to voltage ranges and scales - all of which when used for CV amounts to really hands on tweaking and evolving of your modulation.

I’m still amazed by how much you get in such a small but cheap package. Built like a tank too.


hey guys, i am super noob to 0-coast. Somehow i am not getting any sounds out of it. I have tried the basic drone patch and no luck. :frowning:


can you load up a picture how you set it up?
It‘s difficult to tell without any details



Is small volume pot turned clockwise?
Everything else seems right.


Yeah it is. I get most of the times some clicks. Only when the slope is on I get some kind of sounds. I was thinking maybe the previous owner has changed some settings on it. Hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why are you patching the sum into dynamics? Take that cord off and increase dynamics while playing with midi or cv.


That’s a drone patch, it should make a sound without cv or midi hooked up.


Absolutely agree with this, I have the keystep and SQ1 and I always pair the 0coast with SQ1. even on the occasions I use the keystep for sequencing 0 coast I plug the 0 coast in for interesting modulations and the fact you can use row a and b separately means you have two sources toplay with.

On a separate note regarding the DFAM it is a fun and amazing machine but I have had issues with syncing it to 0 coast, it may well be my combination button pressing skills aren’t up to scratch but I have found it frustrating… i Was using Digitakt as sequencer into 0 coast and them attempting to sync DFam but Getting them to at together for me required the keystep or SQ1.


Have you tried the full range of the pitch knob? Any change?


hmm. that looks correct indeed.
probably a stupid idea, but is the pitch maybe too low to hear it?

Edit: you have your balance completely to the right where only hear overtones, however your overtones knob is turned down. this could be the reason. turn balance to the left or turn the overtones up
not sure though, seems like you have overtones turned up a bit