Make Noise 0-coast


People complaining about the Mother 32 probably haven’t spent much time with it. It’s not weird, it’s not disorienting, but it is incredibly versatile nonetheless. And its an amazing value.


Indeed! Even if your not using the Vco or the sequencer(which is great, but very annoying to program with all the buttonpushing) you have a vca,vcf(which is maybe the best filter I own) an lfo; midi and midi cc, buffered Multi, a sequencer, clock divider and a noise oscillator, vcf modulation and all patchable within itself or within an entire separate system for only 600 euros. Buy all that seperately and you lose alot more money.


too right… :)) totally agree - plus they sync well with daw


The sequencer is really easy to use, again I never understood the criticism since there are literally 3 combinations of buttons.


For the short time I had the M32 I really liked the sequencer, best part about it!


but drones, pads, blips, and noise are the essence of all great techno!? unless you mean electronica?


Hey mate,
you mentioned above you’ll use it with your RYTM. I’ve got the RYTM but am unsure if it can sequence/trigger the 0-coast? Can you use the impulse machine, or MIDI out from the RYTM? What’s the modus operandi with only those two machines, to get them to play in tempo sync?



You can use chromatic mode to play notes or trigger the arp via midi. It’s not super useful, but it works. I believe you can impulse machines to clock or trigger stuff, but I haven’t tried it out yet. For my live rig, I send clock to a volca and then sync pulse out to a PO-12 and the audio from that out to the 0-coast tempo input. So when I run the PO sequencer it moves the clock in whatever patterns I programmed. I suppose this could be done with an impulse machine track. That said, there is no meaningful pitch control in this set up. I use the random voltage into the attenuverter and out to 1v/octave to get pitch changes, but they are random. I’ve sort of been using it as a somewhat atonal percussion machine in my live rig. In the studio, I seq via midi from Ableton. I did just pick up an SQ-1, so I’m gonna give that a go. Long story short, no real way to sequence pitch from the RYTM, but fun and interesting things are possible!


Thanks for your reply!

My idea is to really use it as a percussive/atonal, akin to what you’re describing. Would love to find a straight forward connection with the RYTM, but might go via Ableton/Logic instead. Will order this from the US, and have a mate bring it over when he visits the UK in a few weeks :slight_smile:


You won’t be sorry! It’s such a killer piece of gear all around. I’m in love with it. It just occurred to me, you could use my method of “sequencing” the clock with any machine from the RYTM as long as it’s loud enough to ping the clock. It’s cool, because different sounds affect it differently (kick drum vs hi hat for example). I only use the PO for this because all of the tracks on my RYTM are usually used. Here’s the patch I use


So rad! Thanks again mate


Hi rotallytuined, I just got a beatstep pro for the 0 coast and was expecting the 3.5mm MIDI out to send MIDI directly to the 3.5mm MIDI in on the 0 coast but I’ve got nothing. Are they pinned out differently to each other ? Seems a bit useless if you still need the MIDI cable interface ! Any idea ? Cheers (first post BTW so not sure if I’m in the right place)


Why don’t you send the gate and the note separately, as CV signals ?


Hi there, welcome aboard! Yeah they aren’t compatible mini midi, but you only need a single midi cable between both breakout adapters from each unit.

As @LyingDalai says, just use the cv if you don’t have a midi cable yet.

I’ve stil not used midi!


Is there some circuitry in the BSP mini-midi converter? I know the 0-coast just pass-through for the three midi wires.
If they’re not comparable via stereo mini-jack then you might just need to wire up your own mini-midi connection.

OP; You are trying a ‘stereo’ mini-jack not just a ‘mono’ ?


Hadn’t thought about this. Cant wait to try it - so many things to experiment with, so little time to make music!


Have the 0 coast and I love it. Was thinking of the M32 to add to it but now Im not so sure. If you had 600 euro what kind of modular equipment would you add to the 0C?


I’ve got no idea about each company’s approach but I don’t see the problem, both units ship with a midi adapter so just use a single midi cable between both breakouts.
Or just use the CV in lieu of a midi cable.

I don’t even use the midi, I’m tapping out!


Thanks. I am using the CV but want to play with the arp :slight_smile:
It’s a bit of a pain that the mini MIDI aren’t compatible, just for space saving I mean. I’ll pin out the adapters and solder my own lead today. If it fails due to my terrible soldering skills I’ll be off to the shops.
Thanks for the replies.


You could probably sell those cables if you fashion a good one!

I’ve had both my 0Cs for over 6 months and I can’t believe I’ve not hit the midi yet! I’ve been using the BSP and various euro modules to sequence and control it.
Don’t even know if the midi side works on my 2!
Been thinking about getting them hooked up properly to the OT via midi along with the ND2 for a complete set-up, I just never get round to it!

Anyways enjoy the 0C, it really is gorgeous!