MACKIE 1202VLZ4 any thoughts?


by overspeaking - do you mean that channels bleed into each other? I though i have had some bleeding, but realized that some aux send were not quite silenced


No overspeak or other noise on my 1202VLZ4. Power conditioning and DI with ground lift for my guitar and bass has me dead silent. Guitar/mic from Voicelive3. Active Bass.

In addition, heat/synths/ableton(via interface output) on other channels and using the aux3/4 “mute” bus to send any channels I desire to Heat. Control room back to my interface for track recording in Ableton. Mains to the JBL NFMs.

Very flexible, loving it!


I really wish the smaller mackies would have level leds. No level indicators is a bit of a problem for me in a live setup.

I instead got a 1642, which however is a bit to big for me in a live setup.


every pot is silenced!

even if i mute the channel i still hear them in the master and other channels …

this bleeding is getting more complex through sends and busses! it´s not only one of those mixers, it´s everyone i have!


I found an old Studiomaster Trilogy - more details here:


Doh! Sorry, I guess I missed that. :relaxed: Thanks.


I love my 1202VLZ4. I hope it knows it, and I probably don’t say it enough. Absolute workhorse.


Loving my 1202VLZ4 too!What a sound/built quality combo!Also hooking up a Fethead on my mics has me dead silenced with the gain all the way down…


This may be of interest to some people, sampling with the Octatrack via an 1202VLZ4.

I wanted to have ALT3-4 as a clean bus that I could send to inputs C&D of the octratrack, for sampling, via the direct ALT3-4 output jacks on the back.

However I found it incredibly frustrating tha as soon as a channel is put into MUTE/ALT3-4, both Aux 1 and Aux 2 Post fader sends are rendered silent, and only Aux 1 can be used if the Aux 1 master is set to Pre-fade send. Pretty useless in a performance scenario.

Having consulted the service manual schematics, I found that the first of the 4 parallel switches within each of the MUTE/ALT3-4 buttons disconnects the audio send to the aux’s and sends the signal to ground when the button is pushed.

On each of the Mono Channels I was able to bridge the relevant switch contacts with solder, and cut the trace to ground. Now both my post fade aux sends function whilst those channels are on the ALT3-4 bus! (I believe it would be possible to do with the stereo channels too, but the 4 mono channels were enough for me)

The ALT3-4 bus is then mixed back into the main mix as a control room source. All the while I have a clean signal going to the octatrack for sampling, with aux sends doing their thing!

I’m stoked I’ve been able to do this after learning a bit of basic electronics in the last month, and hopefully this info will be of some use/interest to some people here. I noticed some posts from 2016 complaining about the limitations of the hardware, so here is an easy fix.

If anyone wants more details I’d be happy to provide.


Nice mod…
I get around this by monitoring the OT’s inputs that I’ve sent alt3/4 into out of the OT’s cue outputs and into another channel, and then aux from there…


Woah. I just reworked my set up and now have all outputs connected - I get saddened by that limitation. My work around and sample source is currently the control room out - which is identical to my main. Downside if this is that it doesn’t include alt3-4. nice mod!


Instead of selecting the Main Mix as the source selection option, I send the ALT 3-4 mix to the Control Room outputs. I use it just like an extra ALT 3-4 output.

I send the ALT 3-4 mix via the Control Room outputs to the sampler.
I also send the ALT 3-4 mix via the ALT 3-4 outputs to the (theoretical) DAW.


Thanks! Thats a good workaround - having done the mod I’m enjoying the onboard Octatrack FX and using the reclaimed CUE output as my stereo FX return!


Just got the 1202, and I need a safe solution for putting it at a tilted angle. Quite steep, around 30-45 degrees. Any ideas?


I’ve got my first mixer, the 1202 vlz4 on it’s way and wanted to check the setup / routing - so this looks like a good place to ask;

I’m set on using the alt 3-4 to feed my Digitakt inputs for sampling.

I’d like to be able to run the main outs to my KRK VXT4 monitors - to allow proper stereo monitoring.

Instead of using my Focusrite 2i2 to direct monitor (as this is only in summed (?) mono unless I fire up Ableton for monitoring.)

What would be the best wiring route to allow me to take my focusrite outputs - feed into the 1202 and in turn be heard out of my KRK’s - so I can listen to music / sample direct from any sound on the pc?

One other thing is that I’ll be using the send / return to put my Zoom MS70CDR in use for ambient / fx across multiple inputs.

Hope that makes sense -




The 1202VLZ4 offers more than one way to do this, so what is ‘best’ depends on any other gear you may want to connect. The manual provides set up guides and is a pleasure to read. The guide I found most useful for this situation is the ‘recording system’ set up.

One option is to take the audio outs from your audio interface and connect them to the RCA tape inputs of the 1202VLZ4. You can use the alt 3-4 outs to feed your Digitakt or use the alt 3-4 outs to feed the audio inputs of your audio interface. Note that the alt 3-4 signals can also be routed to the control room outs, so the control room outs can feed your audio interface instead.


Really helpful - much appreciated - will certainly go down this route.




What I do is plug the monitors into the control room outs, they have they’re own volume and also a few switches to monitor any combo of main, alt 3-4, and tape sources. I run my audio interface into a stereo mixer channel and the main mixer outs go into the interface.

I keep the control room source on main so it’s basically mirroring the main outputs, but it has its own volume attenuator. This means I can crank a full healthy signal into the DAW from the mains with their attenuator at unity and control the monitor volume from the control room attenuator. I make sure in the DAW that the signal coming in from the mixer is not assigned to any interface outputs, or at least not any connected to the mixer as that would create a feedback loop. It’s just a “no output” track purely for recording.

So I have everything coming through the mixer mains being recorded in the DAW at a full level signal and I have a volume control for monitors… I use Alt 3-4 to OT, aux 1 to an analog delay, and aux 2 to the DAW for plugin fx…

OT as mixer vs actual mixer

wow! really a nice thread!
you will have so many possibilities using this mixer - it can be really complicated especially in first time :slight_smile:

also owning a 1202 vlz pro - A4 + Rytm + Analog Heat
using Alt3/4 for sending Rytm and A4 to the Analog Heat - XLR goes to my speakers - via MainOut (TRS) I have connected my Zoom H6.

Analog Heat Out is connected to channel 1+2 (no gain on the Stereo Tracks)

also have tried to use the AUX Returns for Analog Heat but it feels more quiet and/or to much noise.

thanks for the tipp! have to find someone who can do the mod for me.


Have had a 1402VLZ since 2000. Got left aside in a carton box for nearly 19 years!!! Was a bit rusty so took all the knobs apart and put un in a dishwasher. Yep :slight_smile:
Came out great :slight_smile: