MACKIE 1202VLZ4 any thoughts?

seems like the only mixer with 2 sends which doesn’t take up an entire square meter estate space.
anyone having experience? be it good or bad

Have a 802VLZ4, it’s good stuff. Sound is good, layout is intuitive, build quality is solid.
Only one send on mine but the ALT34 offers a lot routing-wise.

My friend has a 1402VLZ (older generation) with the two sends… It still works after 20 years.

I’ve had a 1202VLZ3 for years.

I’ve dropped it, spilled stuff into it, mistreated it in many ways and it is still going strong.

I haven’t personally used any of the VLZ4 range, but if I had to get an new mixer the 1202VLZ4 is what I’d go for without a doubt.

I’ve had the older version for what must be 10 years. The pots are a bit scratchy now and it might cost more to replace them than it would to buy a new one.

It’s done good service though. Lack of sweep-able EQ is a problem though.

i have this one easy to use really enjoy with it
2aux send return
4 line stereo
4 preampli
eq not bad
And affordable

but the must is the alt out 3-4 .I use it to root my other channel to my chorus rack like that i use the aux and the eq before the chorus and after i eq the chorus

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802VLZ3 user here. Nice compact footprint and as other have said the alt3&4 output is perfect for routing back to the line ins on the Octatrack.


the 1402 is good but without the semi-eq on the monos? what about the 1642 vlz4?

just think about shaping the ar-drums with it

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I still got my Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro in my studio, which also has been and is used for many live gigs for I think about almost 10 years now. Love this Mixer, the size an the integrated PSU , soundwise etc. If I ever need a new one it´ll be a 1202 again, maybe a VLZ5 or 6. I really hope that Mackie will never discontinue the 1202!

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sweet. thanks everyone for the insight. looks like the only contender in this price range with as many routing possibilities … cheers!

close to pull the trigger here. one question I have and hope some of you can answer (I’m a total mixer noob as you can tell):

it has 2 aux but only AUX1 has the pre fader button. does that mean I can’t use AUX2 as an FX send because I will always hear the dry signal coming from the original track? (think muting will mute the AUX too - from what I understand)… hope that makes sense

I just got a 1402 VLZ4 recently. I kind of wish I would have gotten the 1202 for the size. That being said, the ALT 3-4 is awesome, as I can route different things to the Octatrack to sample or send things to external effects. Yeah. It’s a great mixer.


got the 1202 vlz4, good sound, nice small package, just two complaints: there are no led meters on the channels, just on the sum, so you dont have a visual hint, on which channel there is actual sound, and the two sends for fx are just mono, only the returns are stereo.

IMO the VLZ4 series mixers sound great. So great in fact that I feel my converters are not capturing everything! :smile_cat: I also have a VLZ3 and somehow it doesn’t sound as good? Haven’t done any scientific A/B on this though

hey Brad, I just picked one up and I was wondering how you’re using aux2? so far I can only have the original track as well as whatever i return from aux2. any workaround here?.. the manual seems to confirm this, if I understand correctly

much thanks

aux1 has a pre-fader(level) switch, if engaged it’s effectively muted but still sending to aux1. aux2 is silent when you dial the track level all the way down - so I basically can’t get a fully wet fx send via aux2

Had a 1202 VLZ. Until gave away while downsizing 2 years ago. Clean sound , nice clear strong signal to monitors. Considering another , possibly a 1402, maybe used. 1202 is great size for live hardware gig !

Careful NOT to get the Pro FX Series . 1st one had to be replaced by Sweetwater for hissing in FX section ( which I never really use anyway ) . 2nd is OK but have never been fully satisfied w gain on some channels. Check price difference, the FX series uses cheaper pc’s / components.

Why did I not notice this sooner ? Time- better gear , analog synths , discerning ear reveals weakest link.

VLZ very good.

Also remember that since the aux returns are stereo, you can hook up more line level stuff to the board. During gigs, we usually run my AR into the aux returns of my friends VLZ (not much need for eq with the rytm!)

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At last the basedrum and the snare should be eq-ed…

well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. Never felt the need to eq those either, I shape em how I want them to sound in the synthesis stage and that’s it.

Maybe you are right… but the snare isn’t as punchy as expected… i don’t use samples