Machinedrum - Still relevant or a nostalgia piece?


Reverb prices on Machinedrums are cheaper than Ebay :slight_smile:


The Machinedrum is still relevant for babies at least


i wish. i really wish to the MD. we didn’t became big pals unfortunately, even when i tried it. /:frowning:
sold it to tsutek a couple of months ago. he really likes the MD




Now all that’s left is the user name change :wink:


I think the greatest hope for seeing a Machinedrum UW MKIII is me buying a MKII. I’m certain they will announce one right after that. :wink:


get on it, pronto :smile:


Relevant. It’s capable of traditional style sounds or more experimental percussion. It’s an absolute joy to use! The kicks can boom on this thing.


I disagree with this, I still think the MD is the best thing Elektron have produced. I love the AR by the way, and in fact these are my two favourite Elektron machines.

The synthesis possibilities coupled with the sequencer are incredible.

I tend to keep equipment for a relatively short time compared to most I think, however the MD is one of the few things I don’t think I would ever part with. I think its because it can work so well for backings to songs rather than just purely electronic stuff (which it does great also). You can get it to drive tunes without overpowering them (not saying you can’t do this with other drum machines but the MD really works for this).

I do understand your point about the digital sound, but I love it!

Just my 2 pennies worth.


Hello there,
Just for the instance… i’ve been close to sell my old Md last days… but then i discovered a new function which made me completely rethink on how to use md on live performance!
There is not much gear out there who can surprise you after so long you are used to it…
I guess it will keep a place on my desk as long as i play!

Maybe only modulars have the same effect to me…


I just wanna say…DT, DN etc are all great. But im never as inspired by a piece of gear as much as my MD. Each time i go to that box…it just flows.

Love it.



Me too, for an AR. No lfos for CTR machines, can’t control midi tracks with its lfos but with a CTR8P which don’t have lfos, Global menu with function, clicky kicks (except TRX B2), knobs workings while in a different menu, boring arrows navigation for machines selection, very static sequencer…

Of course I gave it another chance, I found new ways to control it with OT + midi processor : I can’t select machines with OT knobs or have random machine changes via sysex ! :thup:

Then I put back my black faceplate.
No way, I can’t sell this shit. :elmd:


That looks so sick!


I lent my MD to a friend who lent me is AR. He installed the original faceplate, I kept it for a while like that after but I find it definitely gorgeous in black.

Sorry for silver purists! :smile: