Machinedrum - Still relevant or a nostalgia piece?


sounds even better in that context than I expected! great job man!

I often like to re-sample by manual triggering so I can get a funky length of silence on the beginning :ok_hand:


Hey, thanks! You have any MD hip hop stuff online? I’ve been enjoying the Digitakt hip hop thread too.


truthfully, i would be using the MD/MNM/Rytm individual outs if i had more inputs on my interface.

for now if I want to capture just specific sounds I will just mute/unmute tracks to record the various parts.

would be nice to split up the percussion and process & record individually with plugins and sum inside of the interface before hitting the rytm inputs.


Must be relevant because I try to trade my mint OTmk1 for a MD for ages without success.


a) The same things that I found outdated and annoying on it when I first got it.

b) These days; you could argue about the limited sequencer, UI/UX; kit/pattern management etc.; but refer point a)


I keep my MD b/c it has 16 channels of midi control and 16 lfos. It was cheap to get my md uw mk2 w/+ and it has an older elektron sequencer. Kind of hard to beat that unless you get inside the box. I really want to get rid of it, but I really cant yet which sucks. I was hoping a couple of years ago that elektron would put midi out features in the rytm so I could unload it but I am beginning to think ti will never happen. Just sucks b/c I want a one stop piece for my “brain” and Im stuck using it (md) for now.


Thanks! Thread here: Techno live gig - AR AH MD MM ao


Amazinggg !
People comparing rytm and md uw are wrong ! This is particular to the MD, this machine has so many capacities…
Looks like a pro liveset with big commercial transition.

Nice album on bandcamp… Track 2 is charming. Is this straight recorded + add voice or is this about samples to the daw ?


Another question:

I am seeing a few MDs for sale out there that are dead (won’t turn on, or have other issues).

Does Elektron still service these if I do get a working one and it dies on me?

Are MDs prone to any particular issues, particularly as they age? (ie dying screens, power failure, etc)


Seriously you should buy an mk2 UW + drive in a good condition I’m sure you will find one, maybe you can for 600pounds ! I’m not sure Elektron can work on old “dead” MD but maybe…


Besides the last track, It’s recorded out of the A/B channel stereo from the beats made on the MD. Then recorded vocals in DAW and minor wave editing edits for vocal drops and such. The meat of it is from MD. I’ve performed many of the songs live with just the MD to a mixer with the emcee.


Here ya go: played only on MD even though I got my DAW on the laptop, that was for other songs in the set.


You made a good work !!
And your friend has a good rap…

Really nice freestyle
Big up from Paris kheys !


I had to rig mine so that my Midi in/outs are constantly hooked up to the computer for sysex transfers.


That’s really nice. Sounds great.


They are relevant and nostalgic for me, I was 19 when I got my first one and have always loved them. Whenever I was short of cash I would sell it, but as soon as I had money again it was bought again. It’s my boomerang machine along with the nord modulars.


Enjoyed that. Reminds bit of Dan the automatic or deltron 3030


May not be your jam, but this trick is what sold me on the UW.


You can do the trick with the regular machines, but it gets the weirdest with samples.


I don’t have too much to add to the eloquent words of this thread save to further confirm the accuracy and importance of this…