Machinedrum - Still relevant or a nostalgia piece?


I love my AH, and I would venture to say that these two together would sound awesome – blow out your speakers awesome.

I bid $700 on an MD mkII on ebay back in 2013 or so on a whim, and won. It was either the first, or one of the first real machines that I bought, and the first elektron. Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed by the functions and possibilities. I ended up selling it about a year later. Part of me regrets that decision, but the past is the past. I’ve bought and sold way more gear in the interim, but if I still had the MD, I’d definitely be using it. Of course, I’ve returned to the fountain of elektron in the past year or two, so I’m a little biased! However, there’s a lot of bang for your buck in there. The freely assignable LFO’s are a huge plus.


Nope. That was a temporary offer, many years ago. It was around €300-400, don’t remember exactly. And that was pre +drive times, so I’m still stuck with just 128 patterns memory. Yes it fills up regularly…


Please free us from this 7 bit prison already…


I’m almost 40 too… :wink:


I always run my MD through my Rytm inputs. layering em together is a dream


MIDI 1 has always offered 14bit resolution, which is more than enough, it is up to synth manufacturers to take advantage of this.


MIDI 2 will be backward compatible with MIDI 1.


will MIDI 2.0 enforce manufacturers to install the jacks the same way? always fun turning the plug one way, then the other, then “nope, maybe I had it right before…? oh wait…! it’s installed sideways! really!?!”


As long as nothing else sounds like the Machinedrum, the Machinedrum will continue to be relevant.


Man, that was really cool


I agree with BeardyJack, the UW version is much more capable as a sound exploration tool.


At the end of this video, I sampled the entire output of my song, including the MM incoming signal. Muted all the tracks and trigged the sample in x00x00x0 x00x00x0 beat and went filtery and echoy. Had a little fun with start point too. Nice trick to move to the next song in a live performance or break up and flip the beat.


No individual outs for the MD then?


I’ve had my Machinedrum for a little over 2 years and I’m still finding new tricks to coax weird percussion out of it. I usually use it for more 808 / 909 style sounds and it does great! It is still relevant for sure. A few things I’ve learned over the years.

  • The Dynamix Compressor can drastically change the feel and overall sound of a pattern

  • CTR-al feature makes it easy to come up with different drum kits quickly , do drum fill transitions, or just get crazy weird sounds.

  • The CTR-GB and CTR-RE can automate the delay and reverb settings.

  • Layering machines / samples is key to get sounds to pop a little more

  • Combine real-time RAM record and playback with CTR-AL and enter into a whole new world of glitcy layers

The MD does have a distinct digital flavor to it, which I don’t mind. I usually run it through some distortion / saturation Vst or reduce the bit rate on it to take some of the digital edge off. You can RAM record and play back to have the sound go 12-Bit lo fi.

MD is also very to the grid, so best for 4/4 stuff. I make break beat, ambient, and techno therefore I am fine. You can RAM record loops and adjust the start points to get a more OFF the grid feeling

Once you’ve built your muscle memory with it, it is easy and fast to come up with great patterns. Hard to do tonal / chromatic stuff with it, but not impossible. I’ll never sell mine!


Only 6 of them (not including headphones).


Doh, i responded to nirun´s post where he said he routes his md through the rytm…


Totally agree on the muscle memory. Once that is down, jamming gets so much more fun and interesting.

I made an entire hip hop album on the MD and think it’s a very versatile machine for all generes, not just techno. Tho it does certainly excel at that.


link plz? I’ve always thought the MDUW is possibly the most criminally slept-on device for hip-hop beatmaking - something I used to do more often but haven’t focused on in some years


Def! its got a strong vein and is def something that can bring something new.

I used the SP303 vinyl sim to master it so it gets a little lofi quality that it needed. But the beats bang loud in venues.


Aslo, one thing I always find helpful when loading in drum hits is leave just a little silence before it so if you want a little offset from the strict grid but not swing, you can get that.