Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

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Upgrading right now … four in the morning here in Brussels …

Thank you for the great os update.
Nice to wake up at 11am, midi transfer and take a shower -

believe the rom machines are NFX (unless it’s a bug?)… same on mine too

Looks like an awesome update @JustinValer and @v-yadli!

Just downloaded / installed now; time to have a little looksie…

Are you both on MkI’s? UW Yes/No?

MkII UW+ here and see [ … | CTR | ROM | RAM | NFX ] as expected


Can’t wait to try it out! Loved X.04!

Please give some love to the MNM as well :love_letter:

Hi Rusty !!!
Mine is Mk II ,( non UW)

The last row in the list is ROM……,you can’t scroll down….

I experienced a weird bug where an unassigned GND track to the right of an NFX was allowing audio through from it (when NFX was dialled out with zero volume, the GND track was working as a volume level for the NFX’s output). Had trouble replicating the error by assigning GND tracks, seemed to only do this from a default GND in a fresh unassigned kit.

Just something to look out for maybe. Otherwise, truly rocking. Thanks a million!

Sick! Amazing work, guys.

post x.05 vids please :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_drops:

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I too am on a MK2 non uw. Figure maybe a bug? Seems like I have the NFX machines but they are mixed in the with ROM machines. Will take a photo when im home.

@here can a non-UW user send me a message or jump on our discord.

we need your help to test a fix for the missing NFX group.


How does one jump on the discord?

I’m on there, but discord illiterate. Happy to help in any capacity.

That’s the one :slight_smile:

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Hi Justin!!! First of all ,thank you very very much for your incredible work!!!
You can count on me to test mk2 non-UW
My english is not very good but i want to help with what i can….
Tell me what to do…
Big hug!!

Edit: now I see Discord…:grimacing:

Func + knob on the NFX machines synthesis page doesn’t affect the normal machines. Is this by design?

Yes it’s by-design. The synthesis page layout of NFX machines differ from the others (e.g. PTCH being 1st, DEC being second) so after testing and receiving feedback we decided to make them separated.

btw, I’ll start a thread as a living document for tips and tricks.


CTR-FX machines have always not done this too.


Could you please share the parameter meanings for each machine there or here?


Sure. Right after we finish the hotfixes…