Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

Wow ! Impressive, had no idea you could keep on the firmware upgrade.
I wonder if it would be possible program the UI on Tune to show the note (C1,C#1,D2,D#2,E3…) in the place of numeric value (0…127). It would be great for the people like me who have a null musical ear :sweat_smile: .
What do you think @JustinValer @waftlord ?


in combo with an MCL you have access to 64 steps, and although memory/rom slot capacity hasn’t changed on the mk1s the MCL Sound Manager page allows access to the SD card where you can store WAV and SDS files (alongside saving/loading any individual MD sound) to drop in at your convenience.

i’m just a tester so couldn’t say, but personally i prefer values and ears :slight_smile:

fun fact…i always have to correct your name…
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Oh :frowning:
If is it possible, I guess it would be keep the two ways to see the tune. And enable or disable as tonal mode :slight_smile:

Is NFX chainable like on OT and MnM? Hope, yes :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely down to contribute! even just some of the little stuff like note preview would be really helpful when programming ensemble chords. But anyway, congrats on MD X.05!

it’s gonna take a while to sink in how deep the possibilities with NFX truly are. sheer lunacy :tongue:

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So the answer is no :wink:

try it and enjoy

NFX take the page 1 sound from the previous 2 neighbour tracks… if the neighbours are NFX then anythings now possible.


Have audio on tracks 1 and 2 and all other tracks are ring modulators? Sounds like an idea :sweat_smile:


Would be amazing…

Hi all!!! Is this update only for UW owners?
I’ve updated my non UW mk2 and can’t find NFX machines….only ROM machines appear in the list…

Hey all, new MCL user here coming in to make a mess of your thread. What’s the latest word on getting samples in from OS X Catalina? I was able to upgrade to x.05 via Sysex Librarian (reduce the delay to increase speed) but no solution for sample transfer yet.

Im using a vm and running c6 in it

@julian7julian keep scrolling down past ROM

@JustinValer thanks for this. can you publish the parameters for NFX-UC?


Hi 303……I can’t scroll down……last row is ROM…:grimacing:

Just had a 30 minute play/testdrive and I’m completely blown away. The amount of dynamic variation that using the NFX can generate makes the MD spew forth galaxies populated by synthetic nebulae of pulsating, organic effervescent space crunch the likes of which no human has ever witnessed. The fact that the NFX are audio combined with the solo function means you can contract and expand space-time continuum and feel like chronos’ mad offspring.

Oh, thanks for fixing midi jitter and phase weirdness too, I guess… :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Is anyone else able to access Enhanced Mode? Mine still only toggles between Classic and Extended even though the MCL handshake was successful

Let’s move MCL specific discussion to:

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