Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

It’s a gamechanger man

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Someone give these guys a million dollars.


By the way …

Where does one get a Megacommand?

If theres another 25% price hike on reverb, we know whos responsible now…

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Just search the marketplace

:exploding_head: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can finally compress just a single track! <3

Just curious, do you all have any plans to update the monomachine at some point? :sweat_drops:

I personally don’t have a MnM, but I agree the MnM guys need some love.

People be willing to contribute to a gofundme or something to buy Justin a MnM?
Yatli, you already have one, or need one too?

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I’ve got two, so thanks :smiley:


I thought you were broke, man… Be careful with the GAS.


Heheh, definitely don’t need one right now. Just filing the information in the back of my brain. It’s weird that they’re so rare.

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Theyre rare cause its a DIY build.
@mbang is building them for users or selling the stand alone pcbs

Or can do yourself

Haha. I know the feeling.
People think im just plain rude for have 2 spare MDmk2uw’s just sitting in the closet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just need tempo per pattern and probability per trig (like on more modern Elektron boxes), and my MD is back in the game!
Thanks for all the work!
PS: I hope the MNM will benefit of all this work too!

welcome, maybe i misunderstood:

but with X.05 & MCL 4.00 you now get both of these, and a lot more.


I am far from the only builder, but i guess i might be one of the builders that are responsible for a decent percentage on the market, and since i like to build stuff i am happy to help out. Unfortunately the building in No way makes me an expert in using the MCL, but i hope to change that, and also to get more time for My own music… but so far, it’s Still fun to build even if it’s getting problematic to find all components due to the situation in electronics industry.

Anyway i am thankful for everyone that put their trust in me to build their unit. :slight_smile: Much obliged, guys!


Wow this is so great! Thank you for continuing to make the MD so much fun!
Is there any information on what the individual parameter abbreviations mean, I have no idea what is happening on the new combfilter, I am tweaking and it sounds great but it would be cool to know what’s what.


It’s amazing that this is being done. Hell yeah guys! This makes me very happy


The odds of scoring a second hand Machinedrum have decreased substantially which makes me sad as I don’t own one…

So I’m perfectly balanced :slight_smile:tumblr_m3xhzyAcAi1qg3q94o1_r1_500

Or you can crank the makeup gain and use the compressor as a distortion that doesn’t sound horrible.


this latest update seems to equalize the differences between an mk1 and mk2
havent installed it yet, but im assuming this as per waftlord’s posts about him being able to do 64 steps now

I am having some MIDI issues. I am controlling my Machinedrum alongside with my Digitone via Faderfox. Machinedrum is MIDI Base channels 2-5, and the Digitone is using MIDI channels 6-9. When using a machine on track 5 on the Machinedrum for example, the knob on my Faderfox that is mapped to control the Digitone channel 6 is for some reason controlling the synthesis 1 parameter track 5 on the Machinedrum as well along side the Digitone channel 6 parameter. What is weird is it is not showing this change on the Machinedrum display either. It didn’t do this with the X.04 update.

Edit* I went back to x.04 and it doesn’t do this anymore and works like it should.

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