Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

Also went OK on Mac Ventura with the latest SysEx Librarian (Version 1.5.1) through the midi out of the Motu M2.
Transmit Speed : 100%
Transmit buffer size : “Default”
Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 20.25.57


Thanks, did it very easily !

SWeEt Thanks man!!!

This is awesome! Great work!

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Awesome thank you <3

So did this solve the phase issue ?
Confirmed: Machinedrum MIDI in phase problem

this was rectified in the first version of X i think.


Cool thanks. Can’t wait, I’m with 1.53 C ! (MKI)
Not at home, no midi interface for update…

vintage fw stylez


Hi there :slight_smile:
Proudly bought my MD yesterday
It’s a non UW MK1.
Can I install the unoffical OS on it and use most of it’s new features ?

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Welcome to the forum!
Yes .X works for any MD, have fun exploring :slight_smile:


Welcome @theKlein

Best model ! It has more character, vintage sound. :pl:

Installed X.08 on mine yesterday, no issue, I could use new machines/features. :content:
(It was on 1.53C !)


Thanks for the fast answers! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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haha, those unbalanced 91dB outputs are where the magic happens!


Also louder, heavier sound.(because of MKI’s extra weight)
More headroom. (because of MKI’s extra height).

Faster workflow: less pattern steps, less patterns, kits, no RAM machines, no time spent on samples management…

Trying to be positive with these limitations! :wink: MD essentials, I don’t care about 12 bit sample sound, more than enough with OT, DT, MPC500.


don’t forget less pesky LEDs blinking in your face

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That is to say ? Different led behavior on MKIIs ?

damn, i thought after your minus 2 LED faceplate adjustment quest that joke would’ve worked out better… :man_shrugging:


Ok ! :content: Sorry, already forgot this non issue, leds can be shifted easily. And was disturbed by “pesky” term I didn’t know.

+1 actually. Easier.

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Hello there good people,

I’ve had the Machinedrum since its release and I’ve used it ever since. One or two of you might have seen a video I did. This one:

Anyway - I’m slightly new to the unofficial OS and I’m wondering if there is some sort of manual somewhere? Some online tutorial? Tried the new machines and I’m super happy with what I can do with the MD. Apart from one thing - I’d like to have tracks in a pattern playing at different step length. Is that possible without the Mini Command? If so - please enlighten me.