Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

Not planned. I don’t think I’ll use midi machines, nor control MD with MPC 50O. I think it worth a try, far from perfect, but cheap and almost Digi form.

I planned to use MD with Syntakt / Digitakt alternatively…

I don’t think I used MD with A4 (sold).

And old friend would say Collector firmware or prehistoric FW :joy:
But need to say that moving to X0Y FW was not something I would move easily on this old Silver box. I like stability and I must confess that I still use X.04 :sweat_smile:


I dont know if this is an X firmware issue…or most likely me doing something wrong.

BUT…when I change the routing of say track1, i first tried having is come out of just A, but it still came out B, now kinda flangey. so I change track1 to output F, still came out of B. I turned the level all the way down and the vol all the way down…STILL came out fo B. then I hit the trig and its started doubling getting super loud. so I power cycled.

now track1 came out of F only…but when I tried to switch it back to MAIN, it didnt werk. I had to power cycle again to get the routing to take.

Bug or User Error? [seems like routing doesnt take, till you pawer cycle. X issue?]

Which Firmware, type of machine you have? No problems here with routing nonUW MK2 latest Firmware + MCL4.4

on 1.63 on mk1 i had odd routing outcomes, sometimes coming out (or not) from a different output to one selected. After getting MCL routing is a solid breeze and switchable live within patterns.

in terms of your issue (think you’re on mk2 right?) not sure what to suggest except maybe a soft reset to see if that sorts it.

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MK2 UW X.7

I had to add this cuz apparently the above is “unclear” for the forum :roll_eyes:
cant afford an MCL…unless…we wanna start a collection or something :man_facepalming:t6:

Hi Justin, thank you for the latest update, its been so great to be able to sync the machines together again :blush: :sun_with_face:

Do you think in all seriousness it would be possible to implement a higher resolution when recording with the CTRL-8P. It’s been my on my Christmas wishlist ever since I got the MD so many years ago. Maybe I am the only one that can see the potential in this. I mean being able to record midi machines with CTRL-8P in normal resolution would just be amazing.

So I guess my question is, the encoder is incrementing in large steps while using this machine, is it a limitation of the way the machine works or is it something that could be changed, like we can change speed/resolution for the rest of the machine?

I hope you see my message
Daniel (Tested the X.08B, from Discord)


This is one of the videos that pushed me to get a MD several years ago before prices got crazy. Great track.

What would this firmware add/change to an OG Mk1, non-UW, non+, non anything MD?

Is there a feature list anywhere? I can only find docs for the Mega Command.

There is a read me in the .zip in the origonal post. It has all the details in it. But without a Mega Command, you would get access to the new machine types, and trig preview by updating.
Edit: korpinen Layed it out beter below.


The whole change log can be found in the read me file when you open the zip file that is in the opening post.

Highlights for me, personally.

Three new GND machines are now available.
GND-SN-PRO is a compatible model for GND-SN, featuring up to 4 sine OSCs.
GND-SW is a sawtooth/triangle machine with up to 3 variable waveform OSCs.
GND-PU is a pulse wave machine with adjustable duty ratio and up to 3 OSCs.
All new GND machines have relative pitches for additional OSCs, and UNISON

The following machines gain a new tuning setting:
The “EDIT KIT” menu is updated to incorporate the tuning setting per-track. In
addition to SYNTH, MACHINE and RELATE, one can use [LEFT]/[RIGHT] keys to
access the tonality setting in the right upper corner of the menu, and toggle
between “DEFAULT” and “TONAL” with [UP]/[DOWN] keys.

"TONAL" tuning implements a quarter-tone equal tempered tuning scale across the PTCH parameter of selected machines. When enabled, TONAL has the added benefit of increasing the machine’s maximum tuning range.

A new machine group NFX is added

  • NFX-EV adds envelope and ring modulation to the neighbor tracks.
  • NFX-CO adds compression, side-chaining and make-up gain to the neighbors.
  • NFX-UC packs 2 universal comb filters into one machine, and can be programmed as
    various effects, such as chorus, flanger, vibrator, stereo imager etc.
    These new machines take input from the previous TWO neighbor tracks,
    and have the ability of multi-processing. This is achieved by intercepting raw
    synthesis signals (PAGE 1) from the neighbors, instead of FX-processed (PAGE 2)
    and routed (PAGE 3) signals. You can use LEVEL to balance the source and NFX,
    and apply different filter, EQ, reverb, delay etc. to source and NFX

& SOLO mode


Amazing, thanks :heart:

it’s been two years of looking here from around the corner… I love my red MDUW…as it is, FWise…

But I have to step in this further exploration of it…jeez

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I am very, very late to the party but have my first Machinedrum (SPS-1 MK1 non-UW) and it has X.06 installed. I managed to bodge a power supply for it by combining two existing power supplies and braiding the wires, so far it hasn’t exploded and I’m super impressed.


Haha impressive DIY

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Sounds a bit dangerous, are you sure it’s protected in case of a shortcircuit.
Fixing them has become kind of hard. Doesnt Elektron still sell PSU’s?

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The MK1 power supply has no active component inside - just a transformer.
I had a home-made PSU for my MK1.


Same for me. Curious about what you did. The seller told me this was original power supply.

True ?

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Don’t want to turn this thread into a discussion about power supplies for the MD MK1 (not least because there is already one floating around) however my bodged one apparently doesn’t provide enough juice as the MD tried and failed to reboot after about 45 mins… Shame really but at least the unit and myself are unharmed.

The power supply I got with mine is a strange two-prong thing with an adaptor, apparently it’s a Japanese PSU that just so happens to work. Problem is, it makes a lot of noise (seems to be a fan inside?) and it smells like hot ozone when in use. Drives me crazy. It’s the barrel connector of that unit that I frankensteined onto a power supply I got here in the UK which is apparently the right spec for a MD, however it did not have the correct barrel connector.

I’ve found a couple of units on Amazon which apparently will work so here’s hoping. There will be a wait time of a few weeks though.

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