Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]



Thank you but is the full revision history for the ‘X’s available anywhere? As I’ve had mine in storage for a year so want to refresh :slight_smile:

Actually, the complete change log can be found through the opening post of this thread (in the X.07 zip read me file).

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Thank you :slight_smile:

What am I doing wrong here? I can’t seem to play my CP channel unless in the mapping channel?

The first four tracks play fine, but not the next 4 so imagine it’s something I’m misunderstanding regarding how incoming MIDI is set up?

EDIT: Saw that I was still on x05 - and seen this bug was fixed since - so if anyone has the same update and all will be well :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great work on these unofficial firmwares. One feature I would love to see would be the ability to have swing when using the machinedrum with MCL.

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Machinedrum X.08 released: :sunny:

List of changes from Machinedrum SPS-1 OS X.07 to X.08

** Bug Fixes **

- Machinedrum would freeze when receiving a long stream of MIDI CC data.


Thank for the ongoing support !


i have this issue too

The issue is fixed in X.08


Fantastic thank you !

Thank you so much Justin :smile:

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Dope! I also second swing per track would be killer. Thanks for keeping this going!

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I will try to update the MD to X.08 but I’m on a OS version that doesn’t allow me to use / download the C6. So I went with Sysex Librarian, any of you can send me the best parameter to make the transfer smooth ? Or there is not specifications needed ?
Thx a lot


Not sure if it helps but I have just upgraded my MachineDrum MKII using the Elektron Transfer app on a Mac running Ventura and it worked a treat.

You need to select “go to the SYSEX TRANSFER page”

Just follow the instructions on the page. It’s not quick so maybe the Transfer app already has the settings for a correct upgrade.


you’re the boss guys

thank you so much

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also went OK on Mac Ventura with the latest SysEx Librarian (Version 1.5.1) through the midi out of the Motu M2.
Transmit Speed : 100%
Transmit buffer size : “Default”
Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 20.25.57


Thanks, did it very easily !

SWeEt Thanks man!!!