Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.05: the living documentation

They work as usual but the volume and level don’t affect what goes into the neighbor machine.

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I do not understand why the lvl knob on the third parameter page is not set to change sending volume to the new neighbors machine. It could be good to still have the volume management

I think they all have the balance control for that.


hardware architecture limitation.


Could someone please explain the new side chaining feature and how one would go about using it in a classic bass / 4/4 kick scenario ? :slight_smile:

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The side-chain is a dream. Makes the whole instrument some much more musical.


What is triggering the sidechain pulse - i.e. is there a track you select as a neighbor that controls this (say a Kick)? Or is it based on the individual trigs placed on the NFX-CO track?

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trigs only open/“turn on” the compressor track.

Yes the sidechain is audio triggered from PAGE 1 synthesis page of chosen neighbour, selectable from SIDE -64 (far neighbour) +64 (near neighbour)

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That helps - thank you!

Last questions as I’m having trouble visualizing it (don’t have my MD in front of me) - I was trying to figure out how to use the INP-CA/INP-CB to handle this but believe I may be overcomplicated it.

Is it possible to have say, tracks 2 through 10, sidechained to a pulse from track 1 (the kick)?

Right now I’m doing this externally through the FMR RNC but it would be interesting to handle it all internally…

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the way to do that would be to route out the chosen tracks you want side chained to one output into one input (with INP-CA) and route out a kick into the other input (INP-CB) or place the INP machine as a far neighbour to your kick then an NFX-CO.

i’ve tried the latter and it’s pretty special hearing the MD do this.

adding envelopes + LFOs to the kick and compressors (att/dec etc) and you can create morphing, ever evolving liquid movement around your sounds.
X.05 and the NFX have changed how we can approach textural possibilities with the MD.


@v-yadli Just take the picture and put in the OP if you want.

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From page 1 synthetis of the audio track ? So the side chain will only let the sound from page 1 come to the nfx ? The filter of the audio (saying kick page) become useless ?


yes, as is the case with all the NFX.
any processing on effects page won’t impact the sidechain feed.

far from it, you have another layer to use alongside the NFX layer, for example pronounce mid range, send only the highs to FX, AM the bass for weird over tones…


Ok it’s really convenient to create samples tho…
It’s funny because I was routing and re routing dual samples to different output and was recording different pan with or without FX’s. MD is good doing this but it was more complicated. I will obtain same and better or different results more easily now.

I prefer linking because you guys are part of this living doc!



Incredible work. Looking forward to trying this out!

Just watched this and literally my face just went :open_mouth:

I’m not sure I can handle this level of power