Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.05: the living documentation

The NFX relate to the previous neighbours. Not the neighbours on either side.


Ok thank you but so what does that mean :
Each MDX NFX machine can grab inputs from TWO neighbor tracks instead of one.
The NBAL knob controls the balance

Neighbour 1 (far) - Neighbour 2 (near) -. NFX

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I don’t understand sorry.
I have a nfx track which is a neighbor track as in the octatrack.
It grab the audio of the previous track

Track 1 : SN machine
Track 2: NFX receive the audio of track 1

What is the far and near ? Why using far and near word when we talk about the previous machine.
What are the two inputs

the two inputs are the previous 2 tracks to where the NFX is placed.
So move your NFX to track 3, then track 1 becomes far neighbour, track 2 becomes near etc.


Try this.

Track 01 = Far neighbour
Track 02 = Near neighbour
Track 03= NFX-EV Neighbour machine

Note that the Neighbours are the two previous machines; thus; and “wrap” around, thus:


Edit: Updated. Thanks @Tchu


Oh my god :joy:
Ok this is amazing.
It is so convenient to use thanks gods you are amazing !

I was a fan of deep routing and ressampling in my MD, maybe I wont have the plug and unplug headache anymore.
So cool, This is immense.

The tonal mode is still quarter tones in comb mode ?

Omg the sound are so psychedelic.
It’s funny I only took my MD for my holidays
I knew it guys…


the tonal NFX-UC is the MDs latest secret weapon :slight_smile:
try trigging a GND-IMP or whatever from the UC track…


I’m stuck in the loop I randomly made … Feels like a really good party… Omg…
I will try to change the instrument lol.
Sounds Amazing seriously
Edit: Omg the compressor


Track 1 will have 15 as Far and 16 as Near.
Track 2 will have 16 as Far and 1 as Near.


woah, nice :fire: :fire: :fire:

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OH YEAH! :rocket:

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So if I understand correctly, the routing happens pre-effects, so with the volume control or track level you can have independant control over the dry and wet signal. Like if you only want to hear the processed signal of the NFX tracks, you set the NBAL in the middle, sending both signal in the NFX, you turn down the volume knob or track level of both neighbour tracks and now you only have the full wet signal from the NFX track.

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Level works for this as well and is probably better in many cases since you can have plocks on volume.

You are right, it’s simpler ! i’ll edit my post

But the two tracks volume on the third Param page do not work anymore am I right ?

They work as usual but the volume and level don’t affect what goes into the neighbor machine.

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I do not understand why the lvl knob on the third parameter page is not set to change sending volume to the new neighbors machine. It could be good to still have the volume management

I think they all have the balance control for that.


hardware architecture limitation.