Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.04 Released [ Unofficial ]

Well done chaps, taking the Machinedrum into the synth world is a huge step, plus the new LFO and Tonal settings. Would love to see polyrhythm sequencing coming to the Machinedrum in the future.

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Awesome to see the classic machines getting updated.

For those talking on the MNM: it doesn’t get updated because it’s perfect!
If you work on the MNM, can I request just one thing?: move the mute window a few pixels down so I can see the values of the A and B parameters while muting tracks? XD it’s just so annoying!

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Ok - this was REALLY easy! Using Sysex Librarian on MB with catalina + the old TM-1 Interface.
Took quite a while (almost 40 min, even in Turbo Mode) - but … awesome. Like a new device in my setup.

Now: MD might (seriously) work as one device fitting for all!
Thank you guys - please let me know, where I can leave a tip - it is an awesome work you did - and hopefully you keep on working on this project.

Is there any more (written) documentation on the new features like an augmentation of the appendix? For me it is alsway a great help to know, what happens, if you are turning a knob.

Thanks again for keeping this unit alive - I think this update will change my mind on this device …

Looking forward to your jams!

Curious, how many of you have MegaCommand but don’t have a TM-1?
I have a custom MegaCommand fw that mimics TM-1 for firmware upgrade.
Takes two minutes to flash it.


Is MegaCommand a hardware solution?
Where can I get it?



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I’ve got MCL and a TM-1 that doesn’t work! I’d love to try that out. Is it specifically tuned for upgrading or can it mimic the Turbo for SDS ?

Don’t you still use RAM machines ?

i :sparkling_heart: RAM machines

this would be a good t-shirt


are there any issues with the swing. in x0.04 it seems that swing is global only. i tried to swing a track but instead it swings “all” even though i was on the tr:x swing not “all”. anyone encountered this issue?

No repro – individual swing works here.
Note that you’ll have to clear the swing pattern for the tracks that you don’t want it – only the swing amount is global.

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Bonkers os update, thanks so much to the machinedrum geniuses . Happy 20 years machinedrum. Congrats on all the hard work.
Enjoying jamming with the mm style machines - so great. And the new os… glues together so well with the megacommand.

As @v-yadli says it’s one of the MD UI quirks that it implies that swing amount is adjustable per track, but it’s not. The swing % value applies globally to all tracks. However, you can adjust which trig steps are affected by the swing value on a per-track basis.

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People: nooo this is not MachineDrum
MD: comeon🎵




FAKE! there’s a MnM off screen! :wink:

Obscure reference t shirt.
I’d buy one.
Except people would think I’m talking about american pickup trucks.

There’s a subtle difference between RAM and ramming :wink:

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