Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.04 Released [ Unofficial ]

I think you should, as it unlocks the extra snare machine.

Got a question about the firmware and MegaCommandLive;

I´ve installed 1.71 and i have had through the month multiple MCL´s built, connected and tested but never really thoroughly used it myself, until now.
Now i have time and i noticed that the MD seems more difficult to use as i did before (used it as clock master due to bad sync, and i have difficulties getting it to clock at all from a daw without the MCL connected.

I admit i havent fully read up in the documentation about the OS or MCL about the midi internal vs external sync, but maybe someone know more about this?

When you use MCL with the MD, it takes over the MD’s global settings on slot 8, which controls things like MIDI sync.

If you plan to use the MD on its own use one of the other global slots. It will function like a standard machine.


Ok great, tried and noticed. MCL actually syncs MD better to a DAW than without, so atm i am thinking about getting rid of my USAMO. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it would be possible to tweak the MD firmware to send MIDI messages when a track is (un)muted, any ideas how complex this would be @JustinValer?

I’d like to be able to record my “performance” (mutes, parameter changes) as MIDI control data and then tweak it later, but unfortunately it seems the MD does not send a message when a track is (un)muted from the device.


Hi ! Can someone tell me if this annoying bug I signaled yeeeeears ago have been cleared ?

Here was the original thread : Stickies / MD bug - #3 by avantronica

years ago I sent the info to Elektron, without any success. So, here is the bug :

when the MD is slaved to the OT, if you want the MD to follow the pattern changes of the OT WITHOUT waiting for the end of the current pattern, the only solution is to send a midi note at the beginning of each pattern (on the OT) and to use note midi mapping on the MD. OK, but when you do this, each first step sound of the pattern playing on the MD is doubled (“BBoum” instead of “Boum”)

The only way to get rid of this problem is not to use de tempo sync on the 2 machines. This way, the sound is not doubled anymore. But of course, you cannot change the tempo anymore on the OT, because if you do so, the MD won’t follow.

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i was just dreaming about this. would certainly be a game changer…


There is a Solo option on the megacommand

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Finally created an account just to say thanks for this OS release!




What did I just watch? :man_shrugging:t2:


level up

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Hector uses Userwave Mk2+! It’s super effective! Nice…

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Just to clarify a bit, no userwaves are involved here! :wink:
And both MK1 and MK2 units are going to receive X upgrade, very soon.


From Elektron or from a third-party?

It should be XX for its 20th anniversary.

i have no idea what’s going on here lol


FYI, in case you guys missed this one: Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS 1.71 Released [ Unofficial ]

Then there were X.02, X.03, and soon, X.04



GND- Sine Pro, Saw, Pulse ??? :thinking:

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GND-SN-PRO is 4x GND-SN stacked together :slight_smile: