Machinedrum randomiser?

Hi guys,

I know there’s a MD kit randomiser - but the page is down…

anyone have a copy?

also, has anyone made a pattern randomiser ever or is designing one?

is this possible for (any) elektron gear?

the thing i’m doing is the only thing besides the ruin&wesen minicommand that can manipulate patterns.

it’s definitely possible with any Elektron gear…

Haven’t checked the file section of this or the old forum, but pretty sure that’s where I got it from.
Just formatted though - will see if I have a copy.


Can you precise what is randomized exactly? I have a Yamaha RS7000 that is able to randomize every pattern, and more than a simple randomization, it provides a range of algorithms that can diversify the drum patterns. It’s a real time loop remix function working on the midi datas of a pattern.

Here is a complete explanation of this loop remix function :

If something like that could be implemented on the MD, it would be very useful, to introduce more rhythmic diversity.

@void - you are osx though arent you? looks like i may have to get an ipad

@jeffe -think the links are down? :frowning:

@drone - i would love a more handson approach - the x0xbox xustom OS ‘MarOS’ is brilliantly intuitive

if someone does have the MD editor for windows that would be really handy!


I used the RS7000 for live gigs during a decade or so: never used such an easy to tweak machine an sequencer. Far from the elektron sequencers, that are just toys for young children, imo :joy: . But I get bored by the Yamaha sound, so I try to use elektron gears now (MD & OT), but I spend a lot of time fighting against their sequencer limitations.

The loop remix function of the RS 7000 is really easy to use: once you have a pattern programmed, you press a single button and select one of the midi algorithms. The machine does the job, and you can switch from an algorithm to another just by pressing a button. Very powerful: with a single pattern, you can modify your rhythmic infinitely using loop remix. It’s one hundred times more powerful than the random slice of the OT: another toy for young children… I would like the sound of the elekron and the sequencer of the RS7000…

The links worked fine for me.

The program is there - give it a try.

excellent! they worked just now - believe me they didnt the other day, and i have about 2,400 internets so i know a link when i see one :]

Search for md machine lab, works only on mac

Is this randomizing option available to non UW versions?

This Max for Live device I hacked together can randomise parameters and save sounds. Might help if your using Live.


Nice. Gonna try this out later.

Yes, I’ve tried this one out too. Its quite handy.

The only issue is that Im looking for a FULL randomizer.

This one actually randomizes one sound at a time. Im searching for something to randomize to whole 16 sounds at a click.

I’ve been hunting the internet to find something for this…but no luck so far.


Hi coming back from far ^^
Will it change the machine, and LFO destination ?

you may check this out