Machinedrum Market Value

Is $1700 too much to pay for a mint condition Machinedrum with a knob upgrade? It doesn’t include a Tm-1 but does come in the original box etc. It seems just a little expensive to me as it seems like models with the plus drive are going for around $1500. I’m so enamored with the MD and I really want to purchase my first but I definitely don’t want to overpay.

yes, this is too much, especially when you’re limited to one project at a time, especially when you have no quick way to backup that project and its samplebank (that’s what TM-1 is for).


That seems real high. I would shop around for a better deal.

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makes a big difference

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It’s U.S.

It’s on reverb right now

Does anyone have recommendations on where to look besides and ebay? I’ve been watching for a few weeks, I’m definitely willing to wait longer. I really want a UW+ for samples and space for ram machines.

ah yeah, $1700 USD is way to much. If you can live without the UW this is a great price

I’m pretty committed to UW. Seems like $1200-1500 is sort of the going rate for UW+ these days?

I occasionally check Guitar Center’s used section. Music Go Round is another.

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I think they will keep going up. Still for me the best digital drum machine ever made. I’ll never sell mine.


I would have to be very hard up to part with mine, even just to look at its a thing of beauty. I would tho exchange it plus some money for an MK2 (mine is SPS-1 UW MK1) - looks like you can pick that up a bit cheaper but its limited on sample memory and 32 step.

(also elektron won’t upgrade it to plus drive, even tho its possible :frowning: )

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Things are worth whatever people are willing to pay for it.

Patience will be your biggest coupon.

1700 is A LOT to pay for an MDUW. It’s a very inspirational tool, I love the machinedrum, but I would feel screwed if I paid that much for it, finally got it, and then recognized the limitations of its age


There is one for sale in hispasonic forums 550€

I bought an MKIIUW+ 600€ (650$). As new with all accessories / box.

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I found one for €850 last year.

Those last two are great prices… I haven’t seen a Mk2+ for below €1000 locally in the last year. Another was snapped up immediately for €1500. Supply and demand… There aren’t generally many available at any one time

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I paid similar, but what would replace it if it was sold?

Sold mine for an AR MKI. I could also buy a Digitone, making great drums.

They are good machines for their own reasons, AR sounds good but doesn’t have the same range or modulation as the MD, no live mangling/resampling either. Digitone is a crazy box in it’s own right.

I am biased because I’ve owned them since 2002, but still, I can’t think of one piece of gear which comes close as a drum machine.

Ive been thinking between trying to buy an MK2+ or just adding Model:Samples to accompany my MK1UW