M:S Tempo Nudge?

Page 14 of the manual has a short blurb about the benefits of nudging the tempo on the Model:Samples, but doesn’t go into any details about how to actually perform that function.

There are no arrow keys, like on other Elektrons, to perform this function.

Does anyone know how to nudge the tempo (not nudge a track, or a step, but the BPM) like on other Elektrons?



It looks like another erroneous paste from the manual for an older instrument.

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Yea, I think it’s from the Digitakt manual.

Alrighty, CC @eangman

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I would try holding the tempo button and then turning the swing knob? Or something similar to how they explain how the trig nudge works… but yeah it could be a relec from how they converted the manual from the digitakt where you can nudge with the left and right arrows. Funnily I mostly use it to add some inconsistency into a song… never realized it was for manually getting things back in sync.

Sorry guys, this is a slip up in the manual. There is no tempo nudge on the Model:Samples. This is already corrected and will show up (or rather not show up) in the next version of the manual.