M:S pads not sensitive enough

Just got my little white box yesterday — managed to sell my Novation Circuit for US$250 so the upgrade to M:S was only about $75 :money_mouth_face:

Practically the first thing I noticed is that the pads are not very sensitive: to get a loud-enough sound I have to really bang hard on them. I did some experimentation with different levels of impact and checking the recorded MIDI velocity values: a regular tap, the kind I’m used to with the Circuit or LaunchPad Pro, only scores a velocity of 10-20, and even whacking the pads as hard as I dared only got up to 90. I feel like I’d need to use a hammer to attain 127!

Is there any way to adjust the pad sensitivity? All I’ve found from the manual is a setting to disable velocity-sensitivity entirely, but I don’t want that. I’d just like to scale it up by a factor of 2 or so. (The forum software is pulling up some related threads as I write this, but only about the Analog Rytm, not Model:Samples.)

Or is it possible I’ve got a defective unit with dodgy pads? It seems unlikely that all six would have the same problem!

It’s a common complaint. The consensus from other threads seems to be that a way to adjust the sensitivity needs to be implemented in a future OS update. At the moment it’s not possible. Until it is, I wont be buying it

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Rytm mkii it’s no better,…

Damn, no sensitivity adjustment possible on such an expensive box???

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I stopped reading at “pads not very sensitive…”


It’s true, the pads are not that sensitive. I think I may leave mine at the fixed velocity setting. Or maybe I am just much stronger now, who knows? I was miffed at first, but I quickly got over it. To me it is just such a fun and immediate box.


Or hit the step keys in chromatic mode.

Those all fire at the velocity you have set in the track settings.
I believe default is 100

I set pad velocity off in the pad menu.

Its not usable

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ive heard of people putting things inside their pads on gear in the past. don’t know if I’d recommend it cause I’ve got no idea what a m:s looks like inside, but I’m sure I’ve seen people say they’ve put those sticky things you put on chair legs to stop them scratching the floor inside old mpc pads. Again I’m not saying I advise it, don’t go blowing yourselves up or breaking your gear but I’d probably give it a go if I had one

I also had to turn it off. Unfortunate as it was the primary reason for getting this box, but I find it compelling even without the velocity tracking.

The pressure sensing is nice with retrig, but that has been one of the only real uses for it so far for me.

Sensitivity adjustment + dynamic velocity tracking for the chromatic button presses following the latest pressure reading would be a nice addition.

That sounds lovely. or an Elektron 16 levels. swap chromatic for 16 levels of velocity on the step buttons.

For me it depends on where I am banging on it.

If I am at my desk or a table, I can get the velocities and expression I need.
If it is on my lap, or the bed, or anything soft, forget about it.

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As much as I love the M:S, I’m really curious about why Elektron made this design decision.

Regarding a fix: I don’t need 127 velocity levels; I would happily take the lowest 32 of the current levels and have that as the full velocity range. Even a choice of velocity curves would be an improvement.

Though they definitely are a little hard to the touch, I got used to it eventually and use the pads all the time to make the hats and the snare sound more “human”. It takes a hammer to play at 127, true, but also it takes a very light touch to sound around 30 and I tuned my finger drumming down a little so that I can be expressive in those dynamic levels as well. Hope they fix that, but you can definitely work around it and use it to your advantage IMO.

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Yeah, I have this complaint before with other samplers. The SP404sx comes to mind. When I first get some machines, I think, man these pads are stiff. Then after a week or two of use I just get used to it. So while something like the M:S may not be the best for finessing velocity, I think most people will find it perfectly usable after they get used to it.

This was how I was using it for awhile, but if I use the step buttons for chromatic playing it plays like 10x louder instantly which sucks.

Maybe if I set the fixed velocity to a much lower setting the keys would read that and it could be tuned / calibrated to only really use the 0-30ish range. I run my M:S through a compressor so the spikes in expressive velocity volume would be totally fine for me.

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Thanks for all the replies. I just filed a support ticket with Elektron, with a link to this thread, requesting a firmware fix to make the sensitivity adjustable. If other people file similar tickets that would help to escalate it…

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