LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)


Ah good!
Ironically as the Lyra 8 is so complex/subtle you could potentially own one that was broken or malfunctioning and happily use it for years without knowing! :exploding_head::joy:

All I know is that it makes sounds that tickle my brain and I never feel as though I’m in total control or can truly guess what it will spit at me…
I got some really metallic hi hats from it the other night, verging on the acoustic variety!
Always press record is the best advice for any owner/explorer/astronaut.


With Lyra8 we are all astronauts cause we leave earth when playing this synth, we make a big trip! I had never had that with any other synth.


See you in space :man_astronaut:


dont. It’s not normal to have intense burning smell and its undestandable to question the instrument because of that.


It had been a little while since I really paused with the Lyra 8 and played with it as the modular has had most of my attention lately (although I did set it up as an aux send on my mixer to see what would come out of it; basically acting is if it was the eurorack module) so yesterday I just did that; and then proceeded to add some elements from a patch I had used already in the modular; but tweaking everything, the different effects, the aux sends, and adding some percussion with the DFAM.

Then lastly, I burned everything to a crisp in the Analog Heat :


Goddam! Gotta get to savin for some soma stuffz. Sweet af!


just absolutely blown away by the performance and video…


I was mildly amusedly reminded of this sort of florid phrasing when watching the Giallo witches in In Fabric (2018).

Also, I’m really excited to get back to my LYRA-8, I really need more practice to learn how to wrangle and tame it.