LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)

Ah good!
Ironically as the Lyra 8 is so complex/subtle you could potentially own one that was broken or malfunctioning and happily use it for years without knowing! :exploding_head::joy:

All I know is that it makes sounds that tickle my brain and I never feel as though I’m in total control or can truly guess what it will spit at me…
I got some really metallic hi hats from it the other night, verging on the acoustic variety!
Always press record is the best advice for any owner/explorer/astronaut.


With Lyra8 we are all astronauts cause we leave earth when playing this synth, we make a big trip! I had never had that with any other synth.


See you in space :man_astronaut:

dont. It’s not normal to have intense burning smell and its undestandable to question the instrument because of that.

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It had been a little while since I really paused with the Lyra 8 and played with it as the modular has had most of my attention lately (although I did set it up as an aux send on my mixer to see what would come out of it; basically acting is if it was the eurorack module) so yesterday I just did that; and then proceeded to add some elements from a patch I had used already in the modular; but tweaking everything, the different effects, the aux sends, and adding some percussion with the DFAM.

Then lastly, I burned everything to a crisp in the Analog Heat :


Goddam! Gotta get to savin for some soma stuffz. Sweet af!

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just absolutely blown away by the performance and video…


I was mildly amusedly reminded of this sort of florid phrasing when watching the Giallo witches in In Fabric (2018).

Also, I’m really excited to get back to my LYRA-8, I really need more practice to learn how to wrangle and tame it.

This was recorded almost a year ago. Don’t recall sharing it here.

Good friend of mine visited just to try my Lyra 8. He dialed up a patch that I thought would be fun to play with. So this is my jam on the patch he created.


Now that I finally got the lyra 8 I started playing around with it, sending it through an eventide space. Probably the best synth you will ever find for cinematics, ambient pads, and it also does some sick bass.
I did a little one shot recording tonight of some random sounds.


Ugh, I still want one. Maybe I’ll order the DIY kit…

And another using more of the hyper lfo and delay modulation. Also some erebus v3 mixed in.

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Are DIY still available from SOMA, or are they being stocked / sold elsewhere? I had the crazy thought to DIY one the other day, but I should probably resist. Seems like a major undertaking.

Check out the instructions for the DIY kit, it’s a rather intense build.

Also if I remember correctly the kit only comes with some of the parts, you have to source the rest yourself.

Looks like it’s only available direct. And yeah, it does look pretty intense, coupled with having to source most of the components, knob caps, enclosure etc… but it looks like it’s all (or at least mostly) through hole, so wouldn’t be impossible for someone with mid-level soldering skills.

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Well, it depends if you are accustomed with such stuff. Compared to the DIY of the Deckard’s Dream it’s still easy-peasy … :slight_smile:

Here is a quote about the total costs from someone who have built one (+ a video of his unique beauty).

The PCB kit was $100 + shipping, the parts around $100-$150 (including control panel parts) + the cost of front panel and enclosure, the total was about $350-$400.

- Pircs Modular (comment on his own Youtube channel / see video below)

BTW: I’ve just received the shipping notification for my Lyra order. Tomorrow or on monday it will arrive … :happy: :happy: :happy:


Nice, thanks for sharing that info. I’ve done a lot of soldering / DIY over the years. What I don’t really have is this thing called “free time”… That price is really not bad at all. I’ll look into the DIY resources and maybe it could be a fun, long-term project.

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That’s exactly the reason why I bought an assembled one. Too much hours would run into that and I guess I had enough fun with DIY projects for more than a single lifespan … :wink: :smiley:


Without getting too far off topic, I’m looking at the build documentation and BOM and it’s easy to see how meticulous and thoughtful the design is. The BOM not only has the components organized by which PCB they belong to, but it collects them by type and value at the end. That makes sourcing a ton easier. I’ve never seen that before in DIY documentation. Parts count isn’t too crazy, to be honest. And down the rabbit hole I go…

Happy DIY-ing! :slight_smile:

I guess with something like the Lyra it may be quite hard to judge if it sounds like it should when you are finished.

(Does it sound more weird than the normal lyra-weird?)