LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)


is it possible to share a photo of these issues?


Here some pics, sorry for bad quality, I only have an old Ipod!



Did you send the pictures to Soma?


Yes I did now!

I have made a crappy video also but it’s too long, I’m going to try to contact a friend to help me so I can upload that also (cause I’m stupid with computers) :slightly_smiling_face:


Cut tracks is not necessarily unusual. I’ve made plenty of mods to boards which require cut tracks. Depends if it’s deliberate or not.


Good luck, Soma really care about their products and customers so either way it will get sorted…
Hope it’s quick anyway, the Lyra is incredible!


yeah yeah like Yamaha pss series cutting traces to get a weird Fm synth, but will wait till Soma answers


Got answer from Soma that the pics are normal, they made minor adjustments…

Burnsmell isn’t normal so need to send some vids with the weird behaviour. Anyway I played Lyra yesterday and got a few times the click of a switch in my speakers? Doesn’t seem normal?


What I would do is to find another unit and play them back-to-back. This will give you better understanding what is ‘normal’ with this instrument. Maybe you know somebody in neighbourhood who has same instrument and is willing to jam together?

If this is not possible, video can be also a good option, especially if you can send the line signal directly to the recorder. If not, I would suggest to record the sound separately with audio recorder/interface and merge the video and audio later.


I don’t know anybody who has Lyra8. It’s not sold in Belgium I think! Bought it online at Schneidersladen, Berlin! I’m stupid with computers and hate them as my MacBook pro went down after 5years! I just jam and record on SD via my AR22 at the moment!

Going to try to make some videos with a friend his phone cause my old Ipod is terrible quality


Have you contacted the team at Schneidersladen?

From my experience I would say that they are friendly and supportive …


not yet as I don’t now if it works normal, everything seems to work! The thing only smells like something is burned. I contacted Soma but need to send them a video…


So Coma can get the smell from a video? Didn’t know that this works :wink:

If you’re still under warranty I only can recommend to contact Schneidersladen. Best call them by phone. They sold it and they might offer an exchange. At least they are supposed to help and support you.

I think, if that smell is there, then it’s no question that there is something wrong with your unit. I have a Lyra-8 too and there is no “burning” smell and there should definitely be no such smell in the first place.

New electronics smells sometimes like “new electronics”, if it warms up, but this smell gets less after some time. But if it’s like “burning” something then I would guess, there is at least smoldering something and this needs maintenance or repair action.


read above! I mentioned weird behaviour!


trying to replicate the flipping of a switch in my speakers, the clacking and farting etc,


Yes I did and this adds to my opinion that you should contact Schneidersladen. According to EU law you might be entitled to get a replacement. Just according to terms of general commercial and trade conditions


I flip the switches all the time. According to Vlad Kreimer this is supposed to be part of the general operation of playing the Lyra-8. No “strange” noises here.

EDIT: There may be strong and unusual noises after flipping a switch, if we, as an example, switch from no-FM-modulation to FM-modulation, behause in that instant the FM will start to tune the VCOs and this can indeed work out to be a strange sound for somebody comparing it to an East-Coast like synth.


yeah I feel for you. Share the vid when it’s ready and I will try to evaluate the situation.


So I got reply from Soma after I made a video and send it with we transfer (can’t post, to big) and Vlad said it works normal. With mod in extreme setting… like you said @SoundRider

That’s a big relief, going to play it more this weekend. But the burnt smell is weird, ah let’s hope it never breaks down and that it’s just the smell of new electronics!:smile: Feeling a bit stupid now actually,… ah luckily it’s friday jam night!