LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)


Just got mine and had to immediately record a quick session. Still trying to figure things out.


Only my second time fiddling with the knobs and I’m speechless as to what this synth can accomplish! Note: this was recorded directly into my phone with iRig :smiley: Can’t wait to come back to it and treat it properly :slight_smile:


Sounds really nice man.

Here’s a quick noodle with Lyra-8 and a PO-32 recorded into an OP-1.
There is a tiny bit of multi tracking of the Lyra, and a bit of the OP-1 spring reverb just to glue it together.


Found elsewhere - artist says it’s all Lyra-8, edited with a sampler:

I’m inspired to try my Lyra-8 with both my OP-1 and Octatrack - not at the same time… yet :wink:


Used a couple of “presets” that were posted on MW by SOMA EU.

Set the 4 higher notes to the “Eno” preset and the 4 lower notes to the “Rumble” preset. Improvised awa


I have one and I love it


So, got my Lyra 8 two days ago (my birthday present to myself :smile:) it is such a beautiful, expressive instrument that begs to slow down. Here is my first track with it, droney, ominous soundscapes (I had scenes from the movie Annihilation in my head while playing it, hence the mood and title). It goes through El Cap and Space.


Just asking but do you really need to put it through those external fx? Isn’t the onboard fx more than enough? I’m only asking bc all of the videos I’ve seen with it sound like the onboard fx do a lot for it already. I’ve had my eye on this for a long time and now that I can get it in the U.S. I’m seriously about to make this happen.


It has delay and distortion. But sometimes you feel like something other that tuna fish or PB&J, y’know?


The onboard delay and overdrive are wild, but the output is still mono. I like to run mine through a Space as well. The delay is also somewhat funky so I could see the benefits of a more standard delay.


That and the Tasty Chips granular synth look like great fun. Hmm after I have my handle on the Elektron gear this looks like great fun!


I’ve had the Lyra three days so maybe take my opinion with a pinch of salt but I fell like the delay is almost a voice in itself. It’s not really a delay in the sense of a delay-ay-ay-ay, because the sounds are so long, if you see what I mean. It has so many creative uses. That’s why I think it’s nice to run though another delay and a reverb (and as a general rule, I run most everything though the El Capitan/Space combo). The Lyra really benefits from a healthy dose of reverb to be put in a wider stereo space.


Back again with another one, this time more on the blissful, beautiful side the Lyra has to offer. Changing the scales/tuning completely alters the feeling of this fine thing :

I love how the LFOs create sounds close to those of missing parts on an old tape when modulating the delays.


Yeah that’s sounding really nice. Is it just a single take, or multi-tracked?


Thank you ! Just a single take; although there are some sounds from a WMD Chimera module creeping in towards the end and it’s going through El Cap/Space as usual.


Well there are some lovely harmonics and overtones being picked out by the FX chain!


Longer delays on the El Capistan are wonderful for this.


New one, this time I’m using the Lyra in tandem with the modular & Digitakt.

It comes in 2minutes in with the brooding/unsettling pads.


Great track! The reverb on the percussion is damn near perfect, and when the Lyra comes in it sits really well as a texture in the mix. A lot of the Lyra demos I hear sound really pushed but I like how you’ve treated it.
I just ordered one an hour ago to do exactly what you’ve done with it on this track. Low key menace.


Damn thank you very much ! My production game is pretty weak so I’m glad that I sounds ok. The percussion is WMD Chimera going into Eventide Space, which sounds great, as always. Actually the whole of the modular goes through it. I’ve EQ’d the Lyra so that it doesn’t encroach on the drone/kick which use a lot of the lower spectrum.

I’m sure you will enjoy the Lyra, it is such a beautiful, powerful instrument. Check the “presets” sheets included, they are very useful to get an idea of what you can get out of it. One thing hard to describe is really how it puts you into a very special state playing it, slow, zen, whatever. The touch plates really do make you connect with the instrument, as corny as it may sound !