LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)



The price is really not that bad for a boutique instrument but I definitely don’t have the £ right now, nor do I have anything to sell (repeat after me: you need BOTH kidneys) so I’m looking forward to hearing more about the cheaper kit options.


on the waiting list as well. I hope It takes some time so I can save up some money :smiley:


I too have just signed up for the LYRA-8 wait list. So many other new products that are tempting me, but I feel this is the one that will be most conducive to coming up with something really different.



I mean, record even your learning the thing, throw it in the OT, enter the wormhole.


I received email confirmation from Olga that I’m officially on the wait list. :sunglasses:


Did you reveiced it?
How much does it takes to be at your place?


Vlad at SOMA sent out an update email recently. The first 30 have sold out (there are demos around). If you got on the waiting list before end of Summer, it’s another 3-6 month wait. If after the summer, it’ll maybe be about 14 months. The price is now 580usd.


What a crazy sounding noise box! Looks very interesting.


Demos SOMA sent out from users.


Apparently kits are now available:


For all willing to assemble their own LYRA, we have made 50 DIY kits for LYRA-8 and 25 kits for LYRA-4. The kits include a set of PCBs and rare ICs which might be hard to get, plus drawings and a manual.

Here, you will find a full set of documentation that comes with the kits: – L8 DIY – L4 DIY

LYRA-8 - 100$ (92 euros)
LYRA-4 - 80$ (74 euros)
Plus delivery 26-33 euros and 3 - 11 euros of money transfer commissions (depending on the selected money transfer system).

The kits available without a queue.
To get a DIY KIT send your request to
Please write in the title “LYRA-8 DIY” or “LYRA-4 DIY” depending on which kit you want to buy. Also, please mention in the letter the country where you want the kit to be delivered.

DIY kits are aimed at experienced radio enthusiasts and require making the body and front panel of the synthesizer according to your abilities and taste.


A unexpected Sonicstate review appeared:

I’m not sure the Lyra is a thing I want but I’m glad its out there.


Just a beautiful machine. It’s so idiomatic though that I can’t (yet) justify the purchase. :frowning:


I just received mine yesterday. That Sonic Lab review is pretty accurate, although I feel like it offers a lot more control than he gives it credit for. Yes it’s hard to go back and get the exact same sound but it’s trivial to get really close.

Honestly one of my best purchases in years. The sound is absolutely stunning. If you do anything involving drones, industrial, or experimental music you really should get one.


I’ve had my Lyra-4 ( baby version ) for about 5 months now : I originally bought it for my droney, ambient stuff but have found it creeping onto everything - my latest techno LP is full of Lyra… & I’ll be using it live as part of my live techno rig too.

just so unique & inspiring.


“for a post-humanity era” :confused:


Just put my name down on the waiting list, for the Lyra 8.

So if someone can buy my Boutique D-05, i’d be well on my way to actually being able to afford it :wink:


Why would you sell your D-05!?


I bought it for nostalgic reasons and later decided I didn’t want go down that route.

Just sampler based music currently and i’ve now crossed the Lyra off my wants list.


The Polish rep for SOMA posted 6 “presets”, ranging from Eno-esque ambient to all out harsh noise, Downloaded all 6 images and have been having a lot of fun messing with my Lyra-8 today.

Also tried plugging in my guitar into the external audio input. It’s a really nice delay unit for guitar (imo). The delay is digital but SOMA did a great job of instilling some sort of analog personality into it. When Hyper LFO is switched to modulation the two time params (set Self/LFO switch to LFO), some insane delay sounds can be had for guitar or whatever external audio is going in. You can even get some kind of ring mod going.

The built-in drive is surprisingly responsive to guitar picking dynamics too.

Really pleased overall with this beast.


Agreed, it definitely has a personality.
Had a quick go combining the Lyra-8 with the sequencer & filter on the Koma FT-201 pedal.
This thing gives out a pretty impressive low-end growl.
This is just the Lyra recorded into the OP-1 with a tiny bit of the OP-1 spring. No other processing.