Loopop’s Mega Contest

Don’t think I’ve seen this posted here yet. Pretty nice prizes as well. Someone go win one of those!

Sample packs

Contest rules

Deadline October 24th.

Should anyone take part in the contest, it would be awesome to hear your tracks, so feel free to post them in this thread.


I did post it in the Share Something thread. I wasn’t sure if it needed a dedicated thread.

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We shall see. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope there’ll be some Elektronaut entries - and winners!


I also thought it was cool (contest part aside) to have a bunch of samples from gear that isn’t currently available to the general public :yellow_heart:


And the rule that you have to share your project file is a really cool idea. I love dissecting stems and project files and finding that something either sounds super complex but is in reality quite simple, or the other way round, something seemingly simple that must have taken a whole day to program.

Is loopop an elektronaut ?

In our hearts, we all are elektronauts my son.


I believe loopop pops up on here occasionally. Or maybe not anymore?

All kinds of interesting goodies in that (free) sample pack, by the way. Worth getting for those ~40 Perkons one-shots alone, methinks. Some other nice percussion/fx sounds there as well (never really was a fan of synth samples myself).

hmmm…this looks like fun. Wouldn’t mind that lyra 8 and looper. Hell, any free gear would be quite the treat. Happy tracking ladies and gents!

I plan on winning the Nymphes or the Maschine Plus. Just letting everyone know.


I plan on getting the other one, so you know.


I plan to let you guys/girls win. I’m like that.


i can’t stand his voice, can someone tell me what the rules of the competition are?

nm, i missed the link in the first post

He made a sample pack from most of the unreleased synths at Superbooth.

The rules are:

*You need to make your track using that pack and only that pack. The only additional thing you can use is your voice
*You can’t use these sounds to do things like make new synths out of single cycle waveforms. You’re trying to keep some of the character of the synths.
*You need to share your process so that other people can see how you made your track. Ideally, he’d like project files, but a video explanation would also work.
*You should try to limit the use of paid vst fx or external effects processors. I think he wants to be able to walk everyone through the track without having to buy anything. Whereas when I use my Digitakt he or anyone else with a Digitakt will be able to load the project without any issue.
*Post it on YouTube and link your video in the comments. Make sure you tag him.

I think that’s it.


I want to make a track, but I don’t want to be a part of the contest. The element of prizes, I think, cheapens it.

I mean, its already cool that Loopop created this sample pack from expensive unreleased synths. I already love the idea of track challenges- for the glory and commrodery.

Can we post tracks on this thread from the respective challenge?


I think that that’s a good idea even though I, once again, intend to win that Dreadbox.


Fair enough. I’m a lousy producer, and maybe songwriter.

The social element will allow me to be more flexible with Loopop’s rule(im in a chamber-pop and sound collage vibe these days)

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Never cared much for the youtuber paradigm. So it’s nice to see them taking a different track on this one. Not so much the competition & prizes (although I wouldn’t mind getting a prize), but giving their audience an opportunity for meaningful participation beyond “like and subscribe” consumption.

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Glad to see many of the prizes are already spoken for by people here. :grinning:

Absolutely. While I wouldn’t mind winning one of those prizes, if I end up making a track it’ll be because it’d be a good time for me to get some quality time with the OT for a change.

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Got to admire the preparation that must have gone into this :clap: :clap: