Looping long recordings without midi control pedal

Hi everyone!

I have a simple problem: I want to record on my OT long loops of guitar chords (more than 64 steps), or other real instruments, without using a pedal, with the click or some arrangements (so without the OT change the tempo at the end of the loop), and then use them to jam and to produce full songs.

I’ve read lot of topics, and the manual, but I can’t figure how to do that without editing.
To resume clearly: I want to trig 128 or 256 steps recordings that will stop and then playback automatically at the end. I don’t really care using pickup or flex machines. :thinking:

I’ve found this topic: RLEN no longer than 64?! terrible but I don’t understand the conclusion… :cry:

Could somebody help me please?

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Yes maybe the 1024 steps possibility is my number one feature request. 512 if limited to 3 digits, or maybe at least the possibility to use track scale…which is not respected by RLEN. Track scale 1/8 would make 512 steps.

@Open_Mike uses longer recordings for guitar a lot, with REC SETUP 2 > QREC (start / stop quantize to pattern length, or 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 /… /128 /256 steps) and buttons presses AFAIK. Maybe he can give you more advices about his method. IIRC he uses 64, 128 or 256 steps quantize.

If QREC is set to 64, you can start recording beginning with a one shot trig, and quantize end when you press rec buttons, so you can record 64 /128 / 192 /256 etc length.

With guitar I’d personally prefer a midi foot controller for longer recordings, using qrec too, with a defined length preferably.

You can also use a midi track to send a midi note that stops recording at the right length, preferably with QREC. You have to plug a midi cable between midi in and out, use the right midi channel to control the recorder.
Never tried, but theorically even with a 1 bar pattern you can record up to 1024 steps with that method, sending a rec note once (1st Trig Condition), that would be quantized…
You can also use Arranger with pattern that stops recording with a midi note.


So with a 1 bar track I could record 1024 steps, and play the recording automatically. Warning : not simple! :joy:

  • New project (I won’t mention default settings)
  • A midi cable between midi in and out
  • Scale per track
  • Scale Setup > MASTER length = 1024 (length of recording)
  • T1 > FLEX > Recording 1 slot, trig on step 1, one shot trig
  • MIDI T1 > Channel 1 > Note = C#4 (REC AB), step 9 = trig with 1ST condition, step 11 = trig with 1ST condition*
  • REC SETUP > INAB =AB (for AB recording), INCD =–, RLEN = MAX, TRIG = ONE2, LOOP ON
  • One shot rec trig on step 1
  • Grid Recording off > Yes (Arm All)
  • Play

Done. :scream: :joy:
It should record 1024 steps, and play looped after recording.

*2 Rec notes to stop recording with one shots rec trigs start, because of a bug, since OS1.30x. :grimacing:
Btw, trig conditions make this trick possible (no one shots for midi tracks).

Come on @Elektron! Make it simple with RLEN with 1024 steps max (or more).
As we already talked about it, @Open_Mike, @darenager, @tnussb, others, what do you think?


Yes, it is my number one bugbear that we have to jump through so many hoops to record long samples for use as static files, I sent it in on a feature request again a few months back, the Elektron guy who replied said that he agreed it would make sense, so we can live in hope.

Maybe @dataline @ess @eangman @Olle can help to bump this up :heart_eyes_cat:

To be able to record stems in the record setup by setting RLEN to precise bar/beat multiples beyond 64 steps would add so much functionality, both for live set preparations but also for studio production.

Obviously as we all know the memory constraints might render some RLEN values impossible, so some reference to the memory reserve would have to be used to govern the maximum displayed value in RLEN, I’d personally like more than 64 bars (1024 steps) as a maximum, 128 bars would be nice, and still leave some room for flex samples in the memory.

Failing this being implemented even if the HALT command in the arranger could stop recording then we could more easily record long samples by use of one shot record, I’d be happy with that but ideally it would be nice to have both options.


Yep, game changer. And, since OS 1.30X, the fact that there’s a new bug to stop recordings started with one shot rec trigs don’t help : you have to press rec buttons twice to stop the recording! Too anxiogenic to use in live conditions, errors risk.


While playing guitar I just quickly reach over and press the button during the last pattern cycle of the loop while holding a note or whatever I got to do, using one2 mode usually with qrec : 64…

Somehow these types of things don’t bother me, I’m willing to adapt my playing for ease of working with the machines… One day I’ll get a midi foot pedal and I’m sure it’ll be great but for now I don’t seem to mind, I’ll certainly +1 the higher rlen request though.



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:arrow_double_up: @pinup57’s different approach, really interesting things.

This can be done more easily with half tempo, and Master scale 2x. May be problematic if you’re synced with other gear.

Don’t think I’ve encountered that bug.

I do the same as @Open_Mike - finding a second to press the rec or midi button during the last cycle.


Which OS? It apparently appeared with 1.30 OS.
Easy to try : ONE2 rec mode, armed one shot rec trig, play, it records > you need to press Rec buttons twice to stop the recording. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Right! (I usually use the rec buttons to start recording, with PLEN) but yeah thats a crappy bug to creep in with on a recent OS, especially with so many old ones not sorted

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I know we reviewed this one a few years ago and a change to this was not being as an easy change as it might seem. It’s still one of my highest rated requests as well.

The codebase for the Octatrack is extremely complex at this point. It feels like almost every fix causes another issue to appear.


I’ve reported this issue and hopefully we get some time to give the OT a little attention soon.


Cool. And yes I can believe the complexity thing! Any and all updates/fixes much appreciated :thup:

Have a look at the ‘small tweaks’ thread for some stuff that might not break other stuff, but make ppl happy!

Link to that thread (specifically to my current daily wish!):


Thanks for responding @olle what about the HALT issue? As it is at present we can use a 1 shot record trig to start recording, and transport STOP to stop recording, unfortunately though HALT in arranger does not stop record buffer, however if it could then making long automatic length recordings would be a lot simpler. Just put a 1 shot rec containing pattern in row 1 of arranger set REP to desired length then on row 2 put HALT command, provided the rec settings and buffer allocations are set up appropriately then effectively we’d have the same idea as being requested but possibly in a much simpler to implement way from a code perspective?

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The arranger only controls the sequencer so I’m not sure this is currently possible. But I will pass this on.


I’m curious how it counts, if QREC works…
Audio samples count?

Thanks! It would be the occasion to find a workaround to record a longer defined length without the need of complicated tricks with midi loopback! :slight_smile:

Things that would help if you don’t find better solutions :

  • Same length as QREC, or Pattern Length setting
  • Possibility to stop recording with rec trigs (ONE2 mode)
  • An Arranger new command that’d stop recordings
  • Taking account of track scale multiplier

Ok, I’ll edit that to just ”not as easy as it might seem”


Waouh I didn’t think that was a problem for so many people!
Thanks a lot for your answers! :slight_smile:
So +1 for Elektron to make RLEN a lot much longer!


You are not alone…:content:

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