Small OS tweaks

Envelope retrig for Playback RETRIG, as in Microtiming Page Trig Counts.
One2 rec mode working for Rec Trigs. That’d be great combined with TRC !
Enable track Scenes plocks copy, in order to paste it on other tracks.
Enable bank copy.


So on that subject how about a notes screen for each project. Pref one that reads from a txt file within project folder so theres the option to type your notes on a real keyboard. when connected in usb mode

Yes I’ve been making a list!..

Illegal characters not to be available when entering a project name


Metronome settings to be personal not per project

Really want:

Patterns containing only trigless locks to light up as patterns with content.


When you’re p-locking a sample the selection to start from the slot of the assigned sample not slot 1. Adjacent slots are more likely to contain related sounds

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Big one for me;

Chromatic only midi note control:

Be able to switch off all midi note control EXCEPT the chromatic notes. No more accidental mutes, records etc. When you happen to hit a note out of range.

I rarely use the other midi note controls but use chromatic all the time. I’m prob not alone.


I was just thinking this last night when plocking slots!

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Quantise switch more easily accessible less of a menu dive. I’d like a toggle key combination.

A quantise ON indicator - even if it’s just a corner pixel.

FULL quantise option in track trig editor rather than percentage.

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Armed indicator

Unless I’m missing it …

Noise gate as an effect (same as input)

Been wondering if a gated reverb can be set up like one but keep forgetting to try it…

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Ability to copy page on slides, swing & rec trig (not just sample trigs)


A mode where you get confirmation prompts for all clearing actions. esp clearing patterns or the trigs in grid mode

Or just some consistency - In audio editor you get a “sure?” when clearing trim points and I think slots too. I’d like a cautious mode where all clears get a “sure?”


Yes to everything posted in this thread so far!


Gate works with Plate Rev, Mix = max, not very nice result.

I just tried with 2 tracks, 2 different slots with same sample, same settings, except one sample with inverted phase > no sound.
On track 1, add a compressor, ratio = max, decrease threshold > you have a noise gate.


I don’t understand, could you elaborate ?
I made a test, with a default track sample, and a plocked sample. I can plock individual Playback page Start and change Audio Editor Trim selection individually without problems.

I mean plocking the actual sample that trig will sound. Making it a different one from the default assigned

Edit: I think it was my use of the word ‘start’ that threw you. I’m talking about slots

I would LOOOOOVE more than 2 octaves for samples. That would be soooooo nice.


Regarding a gate - I have secretly been wishing for a gate to be added as an effect but figured no one else would want it. One could also make it a bit of a “utility” effect as in ableton (general level boost, stereo fixes, etc.).

Though these are all wishlist items for us I do think that Elektron is essentially re-introducing this as a new product and needs all the features they can add to help sell it. I like the Octa but until you see the upsides the Octa is to the un-initiated a very expensive monophonic 8 part sampler with a reputation for being inscrutable.