Looking for acoustic drum samples

Can anyone recommend a good drum sample package of acoustic drums? I’m looking to purchase a package… mostly rock drumming and punk…


I’m looking for the exact same as we speak! I did just find this free kit while searching elektronauts.
Seems decent! Big and open sounding. Not tight metal but 70s Metal:).

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thx have you tried any of the purchased kits on that site?

@momodig I have not. Haven’t even uploaded that free kit yet to see how it sounds thru the rytm…someday!


I use one shots from Drum Drops (https://www.drumdrops.com/ ) very high quality samples of different kits. I’ve not tried their loops / stems but I imagine they would also be good

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XLN Addictive drums 2, is the best on the planet for those genres!

Highly recommend PastToFutureSamples for acoustic drum kits

Isn’t this a vST or plugin I’m looking for something for my sampler

Oh, yeah, sorry!
Well, there are thousands of acoustic sample libraries. A quick google got me this:

Aye a thousand, that’s why I asked, don’t have time to try every single one… BTW the MONO Drumo loop ones are awesome.

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