Lo-Fi Hip-Hop



xndr has opened the door and welcomed us all into the warm and muffled surroundings of this tremendous Sound Pack. With 72 samples, covering kicks, snares, hi-hats and more, loose and noisy hip-hop vibes will be at the fingertips of those looking to find a groove that whisks away the weighty wares of the world.

While formatted for Model:Samples, the sound files of this Sound Pack are also compatible with Digitakt, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.

Download the free demo pack and purchase Lo-Fi Hip-Hop here.


How about some free packs? :blush: :roll_eyes:


There’s a few on the site


Thanks! Found them :heat:


i haven’t given it a listen but i’m excited for a release like this so i downloaded the free samples–thanks!


I spent £60 on Elektron sound packs last night.

Started with this and then decided to see what was available for the OT.

I’ve never spent this much on sample packs before. I think the most I ever spent was £10 or so at Xmas for the sfm packs.

Still, I suppose the beast needs feeding…


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Don’t forget you have a demo version for every pack, so this is already quite a lot in terms of free sounds. :slight_smile:


How could I forget?


i thought the whole deal of hip hop was crate digging your own samples!!


I thought the whole deal of making money was about creating sample packs


With other’s music! :smile:
Not my definition of creating your own sample. :wink:

Btw demos don’t sound hip hop at all.


well yes hip hop is basically recycling


Made this beat on the digitakt