what do you think?

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I have one coming this week…sold my Rytm for it, actually. I’ll let you know how it goes + upload some videos soon.

Great i hope it will be available to Mexico soon :joy:

It’s really great! Loving playing with it. I have to say, so far while the features I was most interested in – independent pitch bend, modulation, and aftertouch per note – are indeed really cool, the thing I’m really loving so far is just the layout. Having so many responsive pads in a guitar-like layout is really awesome. I’m planning to write up my experience of learning to play it…will follow up with a link here next weekend.

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Jamrod have you tried to use it as a drum pad controller?

great!!! i can wait to be availabe in Mexico I am really bored with the keyboard format and i am a guitar player :joy:

Yeah it’s pretty great actually. Lays a tons of sounds at reach easily, and the pads are very responsive. You could get very interesting results playing synth drums and mapping the Y axis of the Linnstrument (n addition to the velocity).
I’m actually planning to do a project where I replace my MIDI keyboard w/ Linnstrument for a year. Maybe I’ll try to include drums

Has anyone used their Linnstrument with the Analog Four? It seems it would be a perfect match - a poor man’s Buchla? Would love to see some live performance with these! Thanks!

I asked something similar recently and chad had some excellent info on it:

Thanks for the link! I read through that thread - it’s good to know it’s working well together but would still love for someone to make a vid of it all. I’m very close to picking one up and think the A4 and it could be a great combo!

oldgearguy has one

i want one

some of it should have gone in the tempest seq

but RL held it back for his own thing, and rightfully so

I want one as well. Seen some tasty videos, got some great and detailed insights into it from an owner, who is also on this board as well and might chime in later, and the whole thing just looks “fun”

Thinking of selling my Linnstrument. It’s great and I’ll probably pick one up again down the line, but I need the money… PM me if you’re interested in a deal on one of these!

Did you connect it to the rig to make some experimental things, as you planned?

never got one.

I have a Linnstrument and a Digitone (used to have A4), it’s a great combo. Elektron gear supports pitch bends of +/-24 semitones like Linnstrument does, as well as aftertouch. If you sacrifice tracks, you can use DN/A4 as ghetto 4-voice MPE synths. It’s quite easy to get really expressive sounds by mapping aftertouch and modulation wheel to operator modulation amounts on the DN for example.

Two of my biggest issues with the combo:

  • Digitone has no legato mode, i.e. there’s no way to disable retriggering of envelopes for overlapping notes
  • Digitone doesn’t seem to support polyphonic aftertouch



Sorry - I made an error)))

Did you connect it to the rig to make some experimental things, as you planned? Please et us know. Thank you

I recorded a bit of linnstrument x digitone, if it’s of interest to anyone.