Landscape Stereo Field?


I just watched the new Knobs video reviewing the Stereo Field? I’m immediately on the fence of desiring it greatly and having no use for it whatsoever.

On one hand, it makes my noise loving heart flutter in my chest, on the other hand- it doesn’t sound very sonically broad to justify spending the ~400 at any point in time.

Does anybody on this forum have any experience with this thing? I can’t determine whether I should put it on my thinky-list


TBH it was the first Knobs demo that I thought,

“This thing is cool but sounds like shite”

However the CV control of the O- Coast was very interesting, with the A4 and Rytm MKII i’m sure some wild stuff could be done!


It sounds like a head nod to the creepy noisy music I used to listen to- that purely unaesthetic sound is kinda inspirational to me- BUT, there’s only so much you can DO with that sound. I still have too many pop sensibilities(not many, but a few to much) to hear that and be like “IT GOES ON EVERY TRACK! AN ALBUM OF LANDSCAPE STEREO FIELD”

I’m probably going to hold off for their HC-TT second version- it might be a bit pricey for what it will be, but what it will be capable of seems pretty worthwhile. Like turntable effects on a medium where you can collect your own recordings


If you just want gestural CV control, look at the Koma Kommander. Little standalone unit that can generate two pairs of CV/Gate signals from optics (waving your hand over the device).

The stereo fm field looks really nice but some friends have it and I’m no big fan of the sound. A $50 crackle box often sounds just as good. And for a more extreme touchable noisy effect box/synth there are things like the Repeater Horndog or The Dark Interpreter series.

I do like the touch points the Landscape FM guy has made - simple touch pins to plug into CV holes that you then patch just by touching them.


The touch points are another product from Landscape- might be worth checking out

I don’t have a eurorack.

I’ll check those products out! Thanks!


That really does look like it could be a whole lot of noise-making fun.


Have you seen the HC-TT? Much greater capabilities to make weird noises. They’re coming out with one that has a play button- so you could basically turn a couple of them into cassette turntables- with the advantage of recording whatever you want into the cassette! :open_mouth:


That’s next on my viewing list after the Kommander, which seems intriguing.


Anyone bought that Stereo Field toy? It feels like it would be reaaaally cool to use as a glitchy djembe.