Korg Volca Modular


Just tested the midi functionality, see IG clip for details.
Here is all the info about midi in and out for volca modular It transmits and recieves on midi channel 1, it supports the following CCs:
Ratio 40, Fold 41, Mod 42, Attack 43, Release 44, Shape 45, Time 46, Cutoff1 47, Cutoff2 48, Amount 49.
Start and clock is also supported, but external start has definite delay, as seen in the clip, it could be a firmware issue as I have not updated mine yet.


What’s the app you’re using on the iPad please?


Its a really old one, it is called midi monitor I don’t know the publisher though, it is running on my old 1st gen ipad on ios 5.1.1 I downloaded it about 7-8 years ago so I’m not sure if it is still on the app store.

Edit - it is called midi tech midi monitor. iOSMidi.com


Thanks for the link - I did have a poke around on the App Store and there seem to be a few.

The link you gave doesn’t allow availability of the app in my region (UK):cry:


You can get rid of the Volca Sample‘s beehive hum noisefloor - which is pretty sweet on its own actually - by treating the stereo signal as a balanced mono signal. You lose stereo but you gain silence.


That is some great work. It looks so inviting I might have to get over my fear of soldering irons and voiding my warranty to investigate this. I can imagine that it would be great for sequencing from the DT/DN etc and having great fun with plocks, midi LFOs etc. Would be even cooler if you could somehow disconnect the Volca Modular sequencer from being normalled to the internal oscillators so you could use it as an extra modulation source and then use it’s various tricks but on CV…


@darenager whats your thoughts on a midi in mod like the ones available on eBay? If you were to put together a little board like the one below I’m sure people would bite your hand off for it.

On side note, this thread has me down the rabbit hole of the Volca mod scene, some really interesting stuff going on. There’s a Volca beats listed on eBay currently with a midi out mod and individual outs.


Ps. I know the above is a picture of a midi out mod lol.


I was thinking of making up some midi boards for it, but there isn’t much room inside and it gets complicated to to design a pcb which will fit, not to mention the sockets. So I might do an external board that screws onto the side with full size midi ports, then it makes things simpler.


I have an internal MIDI-out board fitted to my Volca Bass, and it was both easy to fit and works really well.


I designed an external midi in and out that fits on the back or side, should be here in a few weeks.

In the meantime been playing around with the Volca modular and as @jeye_musik said it is a great little synth, it works really nice with other gear, in isolation without patching it is dare I say it a little boring and vanilla, I suspect that a lot of new users might return or resell if they don’t explore it deeper. But once you delve into the patching it really comes to life, I had a nice heavy kick and FM acid type bassline going, and once I started tweaking it morphed into a percussive metallic sound almost like a steel drum, etc etc. Also looking forward to cross patching with my bastl gear via my modularhead board.

It definitely seems more suited to allowing it to be its own thing rather than approaching with a fixed goal in mind, it can easily be predictable and well behaved but it is better (for me) when just experimenting and see where it takes me.

I think Techno and Electro heads will love it if they give it a chance, even if those genres are not necessarily what you expect a buchla inspired synth to be well suited to, at times it sounds like Drexciya meets BBC Radiophonic workshop :joy:


both those things rule :sunglasses:


The sequencer nor the patch panel do not transmit anything, the transport does, and the keyboard transmits notes and the knobs send the cc commands as above. A shame that it doesn’t send cc from patching, would have been handy to say have stepped random modulating one of the konbs and sending cc but alas not possible.


Got my midi kit finished, works nice!


Looks great too!!!


But I thought Volca Modular is different voltage so it can’t integrate with Soft Pop as Bastl is same as Eurorack?


Just use attenuation when connecting and it will be fine, that is why I made these: