Korg Volca Drum

oooof!.. could you elaborate? I’d be very keen on having the sequencer tricks send to other devices
many thanks

Oh now that is absolutely awesome! Keep us in the loop as to how your explorations go!

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Setting it up is the same as the other Volca midi mods, I hooked mine up to a 1/8" TRS.

I honestly haven’t used it much, I mostly wired it up to get clock out. I think there was some discussion earlier in the thread about what gets sent sequencer wise. I’m pretty sure notes send for all channels but Knob CCs only send if you are actively turning the knob (you can’t use motion sequencing to control an external synth)


thank you, I’ll sift through this thread - very exciting!

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My demo-improvisation after getting into its basics, sorry for Sound, tried to keep it clean despite its from Phone, cos im currently without any pc or notebook


Exciting news for Volca Drum owners!

Creator of the Synthmata Volca FM patch editor, Oscillatorsink, has created a web-based patch editor for the Volca Drum. No more need to endlessly spin a knob to select a certain SRC/MOD/EG combination.

Even better, if you use the editor exclusively to build patches, they can be saved to share with others or recall at a later time!


I just shot a bunch of video with the Volca Drum today, I am ALL ABOUT that machine. I intend to process and sample it for the most part, but I’m also considering folding it into my live rig. The sound design capabilities are just bonkers.


I had fun but the Volca format isnt for me. I would prefer bigger enclosure with proper knobs, something like ER1 mk3.

Let us know if you put those vids up, would love to hear it.

Will do! I used it with a pedal that’s not out yet, so I’m not sure when we’re starting the Promo Train.

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I won’t tell anybody :slight_smile:

I can’t even tell you (yet) who would ring my neck if I played dirty on this one!


Me too! Bonkers in a good way! With the Nord Drum 4 never coming out and no other device I know of tackling this kind of stuff except the KVD at the moment, there is definitely a market for this kind of device. I would gladly drop 500$ on an Elektron version of the KVD with filters and envelopes and more waveforms and LFOs and such in Digitakt format. Sure sure sure. You CAN do similar things on almost all the other Elektron devices, but the focus on 2 layers and geared at percussion… come on! Gimme gimme!

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After using my Volca Drum a fair bit and enjoying the process, I’m still unsure how much I’ll use it as a part of my live rig. Its not good for live tweaking with its various subscreens, and I’m pondering just using my iPhone 6s+ instead. Elastic Drum on its own has a lot of the same power + sampling.

Edit: I think I’ll hold onto it for times when I use other apps on my phone, also to try to push it more into synth territory. Would be awesome to get chromatic playback going via midi.

Edit 2: Nvm I love it again, tho the lack of a VCF limits how deep I can take it.

Just wanted to chime in here again on my recent setup experiences with the KVD. I am only working with a few machines at a time. One setup is to use the DT for sequencing the KVD (why the DT and not the DN for sequencing since they both have a sequencer? because of the KVD’s split mode - need to burn 6 midi channels) and then running the input into the DN. With a smidge of OD, about 6 - 10 and reverb set to about 8-10 it sounds soooo :fire: !!!

The volume of what you push through the OD on the DN really matters. Pushing a really hot signal and you’re going to Overdrive really hard and you may want that. Me, I like the subtle fattening of the kick drums and the slight “hair” it gives to everything going through.

The DT and DN reverb really is good. It’s not a feature just tacked on as an extra selling point. The KVD has a solid presence and it gives a bit more life to the sounds when that tiny smidge of reverb is applied.

Even very very subtle applications of these effects, if you do an A - B comparison, is very surprising.

Oh, the frickin icing… running it through the DN vs the DT (full stereo!) you get to play with p-locks for fun fun dun… panning! Have fun!


I picked one of these up this past weekend, my second Volca and I love it. Kinda tired of analog drum machines, and analog stuff in general, tbh. This thing tickles my fancy and was something I wanted for a while. Mostly plan on using it to make percussion beds and such to sample into my MPC and/or Octatrack, and even just paired with my Volca Sample they’re pretty fun together. Too bad I had the Sample already, I’d be tempted to pick up a FM just to get the free Mix :joy:

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Hey all!

Here’s that freakout with the Volca Drum I mentioned earlier. I don’t do a whole lot of tweaking, but man, I love the sound of processed drum machines!!


Just impulse bought one of these on ebay. First thing I tried with it was a 606 kit :smiley:


I tried to sample the Volca drum into elastic drums to trigger via mpc style pads as an overlay for volca drum, using elastic drum stutter effects etc but it clips. Researched phasing on samples and positive/negative nodes but I think the zap sound were coming from the volca drum originally. At the mo I have a decent clap to overlay from Elastic drums.

Ideally it would be good to easily sample any volca drum beat as it can add more to a pattern or existing pattern.