Korg SQ-64 Poly Sequencer

Seems legit
About 320 Euros…


Looks like the real deal, sick. 64 steps though, WHY NOT 256!?


This includes a rumor on a Korg ARP 2600 Mini.

Hopefully there will be more official detail on the SQ-64 soon.

ADDED: SynthAnatomy took this page down, not sure if this temporary, or something more permanent.


Nice! Having used a sequencer with 4 rows of 16 pads each (the Akai Fire with an Ableton script), I’m looking forward to this. Love being able to see steps on four tracks at once.


Very nice. Looks like a great piece of gear.

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You reckon this is four track of 16 steps, 1 track of 64 steps, a hybrid. Or 4 tracks of 64 steps?

If the latter, then that’s compelling

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I assume with the little screen its 4 tracks of 64.


That was my understanding. 4 tracks with up to 64 steps each. I’m eager for full details.

Piano roll option, huh? I’m interested.

If this has time signature per track, proper note ties and step count per track, I’m gonna give this a go.

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Looks nice.
There’s a polyrhythm button at the bottom (right side), hopefully this button does more than just ‘last step’.

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Here’s to hope, mate :beer:

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Looks very interesting, looks like it has scale per row, sub tracks, various playback options, I think they will sell a lot of these.


The interface looks great. Just suss on the 16 pattern per track memory limit though. Thats almost Volca level. Maybe its ethos is more for jamming than building entire sets with, so depends on what your needs are.

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I presume no microtiming?.

From gearslutz:

Despite its compact size, the SQ-64 has unparalleled connectivity and will allow you to easily control, connect and make the most of all your analog and digital gear.

MIDI IN (x1) and OUT (x2), micro USB type B, Sync IN & OUT, 3 Melody tracks each with MODULATION, PITCH and GATE outputs and a DRUM track with 8 individual trigger outputs for controlling analog synths, Eurorack, and drum machines.

Each of the Melody tracks (x3) has 16 Patterns of up to 64 steps each, and the Drum track (x1) has 16 Sub-tracks also with up to 64 steps each, that can be played, chained and edited in a variety of ways. Melody tracks and patterns can be edited in several modes (GATE, PITCH and MODULATION) so you can alter the information sent by your sequencer on each of these steps in many interesting ways. The DRUM track outputs can be fine-tuned to match the polarity and voltage of your connected device(s).

Its audio Sync In & Out connections will allow you to seamlessly control all your other Korg gear such as the Volca synthesizer series, Minilogue, Monologue, Minilogue XD, prologue and many others!

One to rule them all

Whether you are into Analog synths, Eurorack semi-modular synths, Digital drum machines, or do everything on your DAW with digital plugins, the SQ-64 will give you instant and precise hands-on control of each and all of these.

The SQ-64 has 64 beautifully LED-lit Step button pads that not only let you see the whole picture at once, but also allow for super-fast and satisfactory editing with its encoder knobs and dedicated mode buttons that will simplify and speed up your workflow. Each step has graduated lighting; the higher the modulation value, the stronger the button lights up to give you a clear visual on what’s going on in the sequence.

The OLED Display is crystal clear, bright and visible from any angle, so you can have access to all the information you need no matter whether you are making music at home, in the studio or playing live!

The 3 melody tracks include a MODULATION output, so every step on your sequence can be creating complex modulations on your gear of choice, greatly expanding your options and possibilities for sound creation.

It has never been easier to create polyphonic chords patterns, melodies, complex poly-rhythms and modulations on the fly and record them as data on each of the 64 project slots available.

Real-time Control

The SQ-64 won’t just allow you to create incredible sequences; it packs several features and modes that will let you edit on the fly and play any of your gear real-time.

The 64 pad Matrix can be also be used as a Keyboard, allowing for several layouts to be used for maximum flexibility (several scales can be assigned to any of these and a number of other parameters can be easily changed)

Keys: Your traditional piano layout.
Isomorphic: the notes are displayed symmetrically in rows, you can easily transpose the same chord pattern up and down without changing its shape
Octaves: one scale displayed in 3 different octaves on each row
Go deep

With its powerful built-in Arpeggiator you can easily bring to life and create interesting patterns out of any of your soft plugins, analog or digital synths, for immediate inspiration.

Break free with 4 alternative sequence playback modes! Reverse, Bounce, Random, and Stochastic can be selected independently and on the fly to each track to add variety and intrigue.

All your patterns can also be freely chained and looped, making this the ultimate device for machine live!

Sleek, Rugged Design

Despite its wide array of features, controls and connections, the SQ-64 is just 18mm thick (38mm including the knobs and rubber legs) and is housed in a highly portable and elegant yet robust solid aluminum body that will provide years of reliable service.

Powered through USB or external 9V DC adaptor, a choice of power options offer both versatility and flexibility.

Free bundle of music software

The SQ-64 comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “OzoneElements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, “Reason Lite” DAW software, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands.

In other words, the moment you get your hands on this sequencer you’ll have a variety of tools to help you take your music to the next level.

Software for Mac/Windows


That’s my beatstep out the window :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope this does does hertz per volt


Look very interesting to sequence my PERfourMER.


just one modulator for each of the 3 melody tracks…?

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Probably a physical limitation, not enough space for more jacks?