Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


You can count on it.


We don’t know that it’s only 16 user waveforms.

All we know is there are 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effects slots.

Presumably 1 of the 16 oscillator slots is taken up by the factory “example” oscillator, which is the morphing wavetable one - and you know you can’t have a wavetable oscillator with just one wave…


Yes it was a misunderstanding. I have addressed it in a later post in this thread. It’s 16 user programs for oscillator and 16 user programs for user created effects.


Korg recently don’t bring much rack… in the flagship synth territory


What about the Korg ARP Odyssey which they have in all sorts of forms?

Is the Prologue flagship?

Perhaps W.W. you mean the real rack sort of thing with the ‘ears’? I can’t think of a Korg in that form.


Yes Korg calls it they „flag-ship“. A Modul/Desktop model would be awesome, but as William Wild already stated, they don’t do Desktop models very often. (The Odyssey is kind of an exception.)


You’re right.

Pretty good that the Prologue is flagship at $1500 - $2000. I think of stuff like the Kronos at $3700 or the Yamaha Genos at $5500. The Prologue certainly has the potential as a ‘performance flagship’ to me.

I do think Tsutek’s idea of a desktop Prologue is not out of the question though.


Any detail? My local retail store had it on preorder, so I thought I’d just go ahead and dive straight in. 12 month installment lyfe ovbs. The CZ-like sounds on this, coupled with vco voices on top, were too much for me to bear (have regretted selling my CZ-5000 for some time now). It sounds to me like something out of a ryuichi sakamoto/tomita context, mellow, refined and very ”japanese”, if that makes sens


I was hoping Korg would come out with a analogue Electribe EMX 3… How cool would it have been if the same synth engine of the Prologue was in a kick ass groovebox that had their tube tech in it… With a complete sequencer, song mode and all… One can only dream😍


I acknowledge it’s tempting, but I would really take some time before ordering. At least until NAMM has ended and we know more about the prologue. I imagine that a installment with 12 rates, costs a lot interest rate. I usually avoid installmnents, but of course you can do what’re you want :slight_smile:
Which model do you want?


It makes sense to me. I look forward to trying out one of these in person some day.


Yeah, I totally recommend testing a unit firsthand before considering a purchase for anyone. But me, I’m just impulsive like that. Besides, I have already decided to sell off 2-3 synths, one MPC and a mixer to recoup some of the cash. The Prologue will replace those 2-3 synths easily.


If NAMM ”slaps me in the face”, I reckoned I can just cancel the preorder, as these will not be shipping until February AFAIK


Have been price & feature comparing the 49 at $1500, and the 61 at $2000.

The 61 – 61 keys, 16 voices, separate timbre controls, low end booster/conmpressor.
The 49 – 49 keys, 8 voices.

Seems to me the 49’s main function is to get you to upgrade to the 61 – the 49 seems just too expensive in comparison.
Anyone considering the Prologue, have an opinion on this?

I’d think seriously of a desktop version if there was one, but can also use a top quality larger synth feel keyboard, as i presume these will be.


They are both too expensive imo
These will come down in price, and will be had really cheap second hand I think


Yes too expensive, especially when held to the standard set with the Mini and Mono -logue. But it’s a bit apples and oranges here too, the keyboard part as for instance.

Better value when compared to other competition for a 16 voice analog, digital, and hybrid. (Deepmind-12, 49 keys at $1000, is the low end, Dave Smith Prophet Rev 2-08 61 keys at $1500, and then fill in the blank here.)

I’ve been thinking (trying to delude myself) that i could make some justification if i am able to sell some ‘patches’ for the Prologue, and then look at this at least in part as an investment.

What sort of market would there be? It would be great if Korg had a marketplace like Ableton has for third party add-ons for Live.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Wouldn’t touch a deepmind with a 12 foot pole because it’s a Behringer, but would buy the DSI Rev2 over the Prologue any day, not because of the sound engine which is boring old analog, but because of the incredible onboard modulation matrix.
A synth is only as good as its modulation, and modulation on the Prologue isn’t good


You can pickup a DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard for USD$1500 used on Ebay no problem
Its arguably better than anything else Dave Smith has ever made including the Prophets
To built it today in that size $4999 i reckon
Now that is flagship instrument (Was $2999 when they released the model in 2005)
I would much rather have the PEK then the Prologue


Yeah how Korg can can call this a flagship I don’t know
More like flagrubberducky


Yeah, I don’t know why anyone has decided Behringer is fine after all these years of creating junk product after junk product. The Deepmind sounds OK and is cheap, so what? There’s literally 50 synths that sound better than it, so the ‘analog’-ness of it does it no favors for it, to me.