Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


Moog Multipy


Just a guess, I live in Asheville and you hear all kinds of things in the wind around these mountains… :man_farmer:


Cool so this one has some modulation sources? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There will always be someone disappointed - that’s just the nature of internet forums.

“Better than Prologue” for me:

  1. Aftertouch on the keyboard
  2. A module option, with with MPE support
  3. Full support of MIDI Tuning Standard
  4. Arpeggiator is user-programmable, with more than one user slot

“Better” will probably be something different for someone else, like choice of housing color/artwork or something.


Does it also have an opensource digital osc section and fx? Does it do CZ?


Just noticed John Bowen is one of the preset designers. He’s got quite the resume, beyond his Solaris synth.


Had a bit of an exchange w/ Tim Mantle, another preset designer. Tried picking his brain for some insider info, but this was all I got out of him:

"So, for RAM and other technical questions it’s better to talk to KORG in the coming weeks, I could otherwise get some information wrong and would rather avoid that.
The multi engine has three different modes. I personally designed presets using the Multi engines VPN and Noise. USR mode I left entirely for the interest of end users only.

There is a break down in the manual as to which presets are designed by which author."

Still, that was gracious of him to share that. He spoke quite highly of the Prologue, especially the multi-engine. He has also done work for DSI http://www.timmantle.com/about.html


Will be interested to see more about how a user designs the User Multi Engine patches. I am now getting the impression from what you just wrote that these patches won’t necessitate the use of the SDK, although they will perhaps permit it. Will be interested to know more of what the SDK covers, because there will clearly be another processor outside of the one used by the Multi Engines to handle the digital effects and all.

ADDED: Yup! The SDK is for both the Multi Engine processors and for the main digital effects processor!

From the main Korg Prologue web page:

An open API (Application Programming Interface) for user-created oscillators and effects.


The prologue offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to program, customize and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects and is expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018. The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software (also expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018) to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit).


Well, Tim’s presets don’t make use of the SDK, Dunno about Bowen’s or the others.

It could be that the SDK was not available even to Tim, John, and Co - that’ s the likeliest possibility. It’ll be interesting to see if “program your oscillator” just means you can upload a sample, or if you can do something more interesting. Then there’s the FX side…


Uploaded samples would be simple and interesting. But i want more too!


Any talk of RAM does kinda hint that it can play back samples though…

Is there any in-depth info on the routings? So we can control both sound layers simultaneously… and route the digi section pre or post filter… and select which layer or both goes to the fx section, fx has an ”analogue bypass”… but can we route layers to be in series or parallel? cuz that would bring vast extra flexibility.

Already thinking about making stupid ”1-bit” lofi oscs to combine with an FM layer and some added analog sub oscs. Goddamn. Why can’t they say whether a rack/desktop unit is coming or not? I’ll lose quite a bit of coin if I have to go with the 16 / 5 oct model now and crossgrade to a desktop/ rack later…


Aww sh, went ahead and preordered. I will shut up about it now. If a ”Prologue killer” is introduced at NAMM, I’ll cancel my order. Back to my elektrons!


Ok I have to admit, I really like the sound.But: I don’t understand why in the synth world, memory is always so limited. Why only 16 user waveforms, always rare space for user created presets etc.

And what the hell was the reason to implement only one LFO?! Make a desktop version with 2 multimode Filter, 3-4 LFOs and another envelope generator, with loop function, delay and fade for the LFOs, then I will buy.

Here’s a long demo. Apparently the thing has a „stranger things“ preset, that’s a real game changer :wink:


I know i read somewhere (my mind is overwhelmed with announcements at the moment) that there is RAM for samples but that that would be a part of, ‘data’ that is, for User programs. It seems perfectly reasonable that there might be a User program that then separately would allow loading of samples, for some purpose like granular synthesis, or a wavetable, or sample playback with effects in the Multi Engine, etc. (ADDED: The video above pretty much says this i think.)

Neat idea for a 1-bit streaming synth, or even something resembling in some way (this is heresy) the Novation Peak. (The Novation Peak has a much faster processor though.)

Kari -> I think 16 User programs per Multi Engine at once is arbitrary, and perhaps can be changed. A User program could also have a diversity of function as well, making the 16 number seem to stretch. I have not read how much memory each Multi Engine has available to it, each one has it’s own almost certainly, but i am betting it is generous (as RAM is getting cheaper), but no matter how generous the rule is it is never enough, someone will write a program that wants more. The programs also can hopefully be relatively small because Korg should have a library of relatively higher power functions already sitting on the Multi Engine just ready to use. (ADDED: Would love it if there was a scripting language interpreter built in there too, that would really save space.)

Tsutek -> Care to give any detail on your order? I am not quite ready to pull the trigger myself but likely headed that way. Not much sense for me though until the SDK and programmer tools arrive.


Great demo – this really sells the Prologue for me!


Oh I thought they meant 16 different waveforms. But you’re right. They mean 16 different programs (created with the software. But I really not sure, what exactly they mean with programs in this context. I heard something about the first program is a preinstalled wavetable, if this is true it would be perfekt. It would imply that you will be able to create loops, use variables, and logical computing functions(like: if x > y then…). I guess the have some form of scripting language. If this will be the case, then I could live with just on LFO, because I could animate the sound with those programs!

Really exited what will be possible with the pc and the SDK!
Soundwise i am already impressed :slight_smile:
Edit: i just was on the official homepage. Yes it’s really awesome. There is a wavetable as demo in on of the slots! Will be interesting if the wavetable is a mathematical function in a loop, or if there is some space for real wavetables, like 128 slightly different waveforms. If that’s the case, the programs for this beauty can be really „complex“.


I’ve definitely got a lot to learn and find out about this, so i know a lot of what i’ve already written is wrong.

I read there is only ONE User Program so far, a demo program, and that i think is the wavetable thingy that allows downloads (not sure on this).

It could be a scripting language, or compiled on a separate machine and download, or a combination of the two. It could also be possible to have a graphical language (like Max) that gets done on your PC and compiled and downloaded. And if they don’t have that, then someone else can create it. That’s the power of an open interface.

The cool thing to me is that this all means that the sky is the limit!



Not watched the whole thing but that’s a nice Blade Runner cover in the beginning :slight_smile:

That Andertons bloke is fully baked in that video as well :smiley:

Lol @ “all the stoners out there” … :smiley:


Absolutely! I love blade runner, everything about it (not just the soundtrack). The demo inspired me to try to create the „stranger things“ soundtrack with my Virus ti2. It’s sooo easy, but was fun to do. Damn i can’t wait for the actual start of the NAMM. Hopefully there will be gear that wasn’t already „leaked „ :wink:


I’m really wishing I didn’t watch that now cause I was totally sold by the BR cover :smiley:
That thing sounds lovely!