Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


I guess in the price competition with the Prologues will be the Behringer Deepmind series (the 12, 6 and Desktop). So i’d be comparing the Prologue to these.


I’m fine with more analog synths if they bring something new, but often I cannot hear enough distinctiveness to definitively tell them apart timbrally - at least with Elektron the per step multiple modulation options afforded by parameter locks offer a precise way to inject interest and variation, a few companies have followed suit to some degrees but no one seems to be innovating much. IMH :rofl:

I think for “classic” synths we are more than covered now, no?


Yes and i would say if they can bring us more innovations… it would also allow artists and music to come out a little off the beaten path at least in some area on those tracks

And i can’t stay away from the computer because of this. innovations seem to comes from plugins lately… (Granular, Spectral, vector oscillators, and all sort of effects …)

Like Cinema vs Tv shows


can’t agree more


Definitely. Which is why I love these all these patch-crazy semimods, as the “classic” paths can be broken and rearranged.


Yeah nothing against them, but even the whole modular thing kind of bores me a bit now too, these days with very powerful and affordable microcontrollers, fpga’s and physical and biometric sensors it would be nice to see some synths pushing the boundaries a bit.




Yes any synth, especially this size, that can’t be modulated extensively and lacking a multimode filter is sub standard. This is fundamental stuff
As for the digital osc, I am betting they will slap one of the kingkorg digital oscillators in there.
As mentioned by @William_WiLD I would probably choose a kingkorg over this, and wouldn’t consider that anyway.
Hardware synths need to offer much more than this to get my attention


Between the REV2, PEAK and Prologue the Prologue has the fewest features but sounds much better, imo. I really liked the demos, especially the Andertons one.

Might consider The Prologue only if they offer a cheaper desktop version, I have no need for keys.


The first 25 seconds of this are fun (from Kraft Music):

And another section too starting at 8:02.

Actually there’s lots of other places where the performer turns up the delay and reverb. Ambient stuff.

ADDED: What’s going on at the end at 10:30 in, how does he do that glitchy thing?


The 16 voice version looks interesting. Clearly a swing at DSI and the Rev 2, same number of voices, same price point.


[hugs my monologue tightly]

I can sort of understand if you’re a keyboard player, but the prologue is over 5+ times the price of the monologue. I know it has more voices and full-size keys, etc. but everything else that seems to make the monologue so compelling, especially the integration with its sequencer, I find missing from the prologue. It’s also extra whack for people who don’t require (or have room for) 61 keys that the compressor was not included with the 8 voice version.

I think I’ll just stick with my three-voice volca fm. It sounds sooo good.


This is the most interesting bit:


The prologue offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to program, customize and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects and is expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018. The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software (also expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018) to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit).

What types of sound will you create by combining the expanded digital oscillators with analog synthesis? You can create original programs and share code to participate in the user community. Start with sample code provided by KORG. The prologue belongs to you.


You really have a way of putting your finger on something really good Guv. I’m definitely getting to like this thing more and more – i can almost feel the GAS coming on.


Part of why it costs more than a Monologue.

Four analog synths per board. Am i mistaken? – It sort of looks like a digital controller with each one?!


Like someone else said, I too would be more interested in a module version than a keyboard - have 2 61-key 'boards already. Monologue is already a good enough keyboard controller for my needs.

I overlooked this bit:

User oscillator

The user oscillator section lets you load oscillator programs of your own creation. Sixteen slots are provided, and one type of morphing wavetable oscillator is built-in as a preset.


All the sudden this thing looks a lot less limited than on first glance.


They’d probably need a processor on each voice for each to have a morphing wavetable oscillator with each – so our two posts dovetail.

There definitely is a lot under the hood here jefones. Korg says 11,000 discrete components (i assume with the 16 voice unit).


the glitching is when he messes with the delay time!


Sean Costello (of ValhallaDSP fame) has already expressed interest on coding reverb algos for this one, assuming he can make them non-open source somehow… :wink:

How about someone like Urs Heckmann coding some oscs for this, hmm?