Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


Remark from a keyboard player … for me it makes a big difference to play a tune with one hand and to perform sound modulation with the second hand on the same instrument live … well … not working only on the wheels and joysticks, but on the various knobs and sliders of the particular synth. There are so many tones to express myself. And … with some keyboards around, I also can quickly change on the fly from one to the other. I couldn’t be happy with one master-keyboard only.


better to buy the KingKorg second hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha, well that makes sense! I’m just a knob twiddler :smile:


So you have two hands free for sound mangling … all the better … :smiley:


Prologue bad? You slagging off a product before even knowing the full specs… IMO the digital side is the most interesting thing about it, and not much has yet been disclosed about it.

That video was pretty - pretty boring


More vids (I’ll add em all here as I find em, as to not needlessly up the postcount)

This shows abit more of the UI… Several reverb and delay algos on board

Also liking the power supply on this one - no wall warts!
Expression and sustain pedal jacks
MIDI In & Out
volca sync in/outs

Some patches

A GAK presentation vid

A sweetwater vid

Here’s a better rez pic of the front panel


I can‘t listen to most of these demos and a lot of analog polysynth demos in general. I can’t stand these cheesy 80s analog pad and keyboard sounds. They seem to be thing most people ask for in the synth market… hundreds of videos covering the stranger things soundtrack… puuuh, that‘s clearly not my favoured music era.
Maybe that‘s why I like the often said „cold“ sound of a4 and monomachine so much.

Sorry for being of topic, tried to watch the demos :wink:


Well, Korg is aiming for the kind of market that wants to sound like everyone else.


Agree with you Unifono, on the style of music presented in these two demos – it’s a turn off for me.

That said i’m not about to make a snap judgement on the Prologue. I definitely have been greatly interested in the Minilogue and Monologue – it was a better keyboard that i was wanting. The Prologue has that and must be capable of the sounds and effects that attracted me to the first two – despite the two demos above.

So i’m holding off on this. It definitely has a great look. Not sure how it compares on price as a polysynth with 61 keys – perhaps a bit steep but we’ll see.


I was hoping Korg would use their nanotubes in it and give it sampling as well as a beefed up monologue sequencer but then again they aren’t basing these synth off of my imagination.


That´s a nice good looking synth with rather basic features, but great for bread and butter stuff.

Still i don´t need this, Prophet 6 and Novation Peak give me plenty of polyphonic goodness…


yeah I do not want to judge the synth only the demos and the sounds I hear very often created with analog polys.
But that’s my personal taste of course. I generally seem to prefer digital pad sounds. And I prefer analog pads when played only with two to three notes. Otherwise they sound too thick to me, I like it more gentle. That’s why 4 voices are easily sufficient for me in a polysynth :grinning:


Demo have a role in there… it’s not necessarily the Synth in itself. We all know the rule “When you receive a synth delete the factory first… and work man !”

From my point of view, Music brand for the most have so bad demo and factory generally speaking. If i were in such a company, i would pay half sound-designer and half actual musicians and not only music charts genre… but i would cover more the music history of all genre…

i would make a series of video to demonstrate what’s makes the synth different or original compared to the others… in few sound-design movies to demonstrate those design choice and innovations. For instance they should have done few on the User wave design to demonstrate what they bring on the table…


most people seem to want to hear the classic sounds. I want to hear the weird sounds :grin:


Well put William_WiLD. This can also be the role of “Sound Packs” (or whatever you want to call them), to tailor a variety of sounds that fit a variety of players and styles and round out multi-functional hardware.

ADDED: A wierdo – is that you Unifono? :joy:


Probably why I liked the Monologue demos and eventually bought one. None of the cheesy stuff in those videos.


I did enjoy that sweetwater vid though. I like the ”global timbre” of this thing. But the upcoming API/SDK for the digitals will be the final bit to know…


Also no compressor on the 49 model :stuck_out_tongue:


Like this! Perhaps in another synth – if the Nutube technology (Korg / Noritake) gets inexpensive enough (it certainly is rugged) we can someday have a tube based analog synth! They were good enough for the 1920’s. Warm sound! (Sorry if off topic.)


most likely :rofl: