Get ready.


I am buckled up.


Another announcement to watch! A desktop version would be a plus. +


Not ready.


LOL, true.

This is the ultimate tease.

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I can’t wait to hear more about it. Looks like it could be a cool board to surf those FM waves off into the sunset.


Part of the appeal of the original MK1 DX 7 is the converters. I stand to be corrected but was it 14 bit vs 16bit in the MK2, 7s etc? Unless all that stuffs been modelled?

Still interested all the same!

I guess Volca FM sales figures were high enough for Korg to consider a 61-key keyboard version, assuming of course it’s velocity-sensitive and not relying on velocity slider hijinks like on the Volca FM. Synthtopia seems to think similarly:

Dunno if their market research team also considered a desktop module version a la Minilogue XD but then you can’t fit the nice operator diagrams onto the desktop module housing.

I’m perfectly happy with a poster if they decide to make a desktop version.


I can do without the diagram. I would prefer one that is similar in size to the Monologue, or Wavestate.


Maybe an email campaign to Korg will convince them there’s a market for a desktop version? At least enough of a market that isn’t satisfied w/ a Volca FM and willing to pay more than Volca pricing.

Same. But the full keyboard with the diagrams printed onto it would look REALLY cool in any studio.

If I decided on the full version, it WOULD be cool to trick people into thinking I know what I’m doing instead of the reality where I’m just bombastically turning knobs to see what sounds interesting


No word on this since :thinking:

A page may have shown it too early according to a reddit thread. Details:


Keyboard: 37 keys (velocity and release-velocity sensitive)

Maximum Polyphony:32 voices (or a max. of 24 voices, depending on the settings)

Sound generating system: Altered FM sound generator

Structure: 6 operators, 1 filter, 3 EGs, 3 LFOs, 3 effects, step sequencer, arpeggiator

Algorithm: 40 presets + user algorithm (unique to each program)

Operator: 5 modes (FM, Ring Mod., Filter, Filter FM, Wave Folder)

Oscillator waveform: 21 waveforms (Sine, Sine 12bit, Sine 8bit, Triangle, Saw, Saw HD, Square, Square HD, Additive Saw3, Additive Sqr3, Additive Tri3, Additive 12345, Additive 1+2, Additive 1+3, Additive 1+4, Additive 1+5, Additive 1+6, Additive 1+7, Additive 1+8, Noise S/H, Noise White)

Filter: 11 types (LPF 12, LPF 24, LPF MS-20, LPF POLY6, HPF 12, HPF 24, HPF MS-20, BPF 6, BPF 12, BRF 6, BRF 12)


LFO: 23 waveforms (Triangle, Saw Down, Saw Up, Square, Sine, Sample&Hold, Guitar, Exp. Triangle, Exp. Saw Down, Exp. Saw Up, Step4 Triangle, Step6 Triangle, Step4 Saw Down, Step6 Saw Down, StepRnd:Time, StepRnd:Lvl&Time, StepRnd:Level, Random:Time, Random:Lvl&Time, Triangle + , Saw Down + , Saw Up + , Square +)

V.Patch: 12 routings

Effect: 30 types (Chorus, Unison Ensemble, Phaser, Phaser (BPM) , Auto Pan, Auto Pan (BPM), Flanger, Flanger (BPM) , Rotary Speaker, Auto Wah, Exciter, Enhancer, LFO Filter, 3-Band EQ, Distortion, Guitar Amp, Decimator, Grain Shifter, Master Limiter, Compressor, Delay, Delay (BPM) , Autopan Dly, Autopan Dly (BPM), Tape Echo, Tape Echo (BPM) , Early Reflection, Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, Spring Reverb)

Sequencer: Step Sequencer (up to 16 steps, up to 6 notes per step) , Motion Sequencer (up to 6 lanes)

Arpeggiator: 7 patterns (MANUAL, UP, DOWN, ALT1, ALT2, RANDOM, TRIGGER) fault)

Number of programs:500 (250 preset programs and 250 user programs as the factory-set de

FAVORITE: 64 (16 Slots × 4 Banks)

Controllers:MODULATION wheel, PITCH wheel, RATIO OP 1–6 knobs, LEVEL OP 1–6 sliders, DATA ENTRY A–F knobs

Inputs/outputs: Headphone (6.3 mm stereo phone jack), OUTPUT L/MONO and R (impedance-balanced 6.3 mm TRS phone jacks), DAMPER (6.3 mm phone jack, half-damper not supported), MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB B port

Power supply: AC adapter (DC12V)

Power consumption: 5 W

Dimensions (W × D × H): 565 × 338 × 90 mm / 22.24" × 13.31" × 3.54"

Weight: 2.9 kg / 6.93 lbs.

Included items:AC adapter, Precautions, Quick Start Guide

Accessories (sold separately): DS-1H damper pedal,

Apparently to be revealed next week


Ooh built on the Wavestate hardware, That makes sense actually. To bad Wavestate had even worse keys then Arturia

I haven’t played one, we’re they that bad? I like the form factor and the opsix feature set looks like my kind of synth, so it’d be unfortunate if the keys fuckin sucked

Just going to wait till they make a desktop like Minilogue.


I’ve been waiting aimlessly for Yamaha to release their FM X engine in a desktop.
A desktop format of this would definitely fill that void.


Yeah it was honestly the worst Keybed I’ve ever tried. Even worse then Arturia Keystep… and that’s saying something

Don’t wait on Yamaha to do anything. They don’t do anything.