Korg Nu:Tekt DIY Synth kit

Well, I’m really impressed with this. The multi-engine aspects of the XD are fantastic sounding and I’m likely to get all 3 of Sinevibes oscillators really soon… so with this being pitched at cheaper than a Volca it’s an absolute no-brainer. Especially if you can add in the versions of the Mutable Instrument’s Plaits oscillator mode. The only slight challenge is that each oscillator mode often has a few parameters which are only accessible from the menu which I presume you can access here but at the price it seems a very minor concern.

As mentioned by a few folks already, using it as an effects box will be really cool too… especially the Riser and Submarine reverb algo’s which are so, so lush sounding.

Plus, I have to say that the chap Etienne from Korg who’s presenting this seems like a really nice guy and it’s a joy to listen to people speak with eloquence, deep understanding and passion about instruments they’ve been working on.


Maybe this is the missing part of the microfreak? (Cheap versatile fx unit)

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CDM’s article:

The no-talking sound demo shows off the shimmer reverb a bit around 6 min. Perhaps the more golden-eared among you can pick out flaws, but to me it sounds cleaner and bigger than the cheap-sounding delays on earlier boxes like the Monotron Delay.

Reddit thread that attempts to list all the 3rd party Korg SDK offerings:


Is it possible to reconfigure/program the fx engine too?

However i consider getting one as a FX Box for jamming.

EDIT: stupid me…i should have clicked the Link First. Yes the fx can be modded. Super smart move from Korg to add this. They Sold me one now.


Wait what just happened here? Where do we get one?


You don’t. Yet.

“This is still a prototype, so we’ll have to wait, and no definite details on pricing and availability” - CDM

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…and Japan gets them First.

The more demos, the more I like it. I’m a patient person though so that’s fine. It would be a might fine addition to small portable live setup driven by the DT… especially as you could chain something else through it’s audio in. This, a DT, craft2 and a skulpt in a backpack and you’re off to the races…


I’m gonna buy more than one to poly-chain them through a retrokits rk 002 :slight smile:

There is an audio in, making this little box a very good cheap effect processor!


This was the first Thing i noticed too and thats why i want one. Or two. :grin:


I do believe pulsn was the first in the forum to notice the audio in.

I thought everybody noticed that …its in the very First Pictures that got posted by the threadstarter …

I meant you were the first to say something about it :grin:

Well, at least here on the forum i am the first…


Back on topic…if i understood this clearly, this is only for the japanese market currently available?

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There was something to win? Heck!

This little monster runs on USB power.

Anyone hazard a guess as to whether it could power from an Elektron box (such as the Digi boxes) via the USB port?

It’s being previewed on Gear4Music in the UK, so will presumably be available outside Japan too: https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Korg-NuTekt-Synthesizer/2YZ1

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It needs to be connected to an USB host port for this. So “no” - it doesn’t work directly with a Digi USB port (which itself is also just an USB client device).