Korg Nu:Tekt DIY Synth kit



I’m a sucker for a DIY project, though this doesn’t look to be more than snapping a few components together. Curious to hear some examples, and find out what it’s all about.


Yes! I’ve waited for this. They say it should be available in fall and price will be “cheaper than a volca” :loopy:


I can’t code , my brain don’t work that way


I was thinking of getting 3rd party algos for this. That new resonator / physical modelling osc and some good reverb/delay, something like that.


The audio-in on this opens up some excellent portable possibilities


This seems similar to an axoloti.


I love the VPM engine in gadget. I want this tiny, potentially delicious thing.


In case anyone is wondering, this is not an officially released product yet - still under development.

Anyway, an interview:


Anyone know more about the Nu:Tekt kits on https://www.nutekt.org/ ? The Nutube distortion looks cool. I don’t see any purchasing info tho.


I wonder if their Little Bits range, had some bearing on this new generation of DIY.


Unless I heard Etienne wrong in that video, you should be able to just load whatever user oscillator/FX has been made already.

Etienne also says it will cost less than any Volca


it’ll probably run this.

$30 each , theyve dont bent , turbo , tube,



He said the Dirtbox ones will also work and one or two more devs whose names I forgot


  • cheapest point of entry to get to use the SDK, cheaper than a volca
  • build your own stuff,
    ** 16 custom osc user slots
    ** 16 x custom mod fx
    ** 8 x delays and reverbs
  • fixed mulltimode filter
  • adsr, looping
  • arp
  • monotron ribbon sensor
  • can be used as an effect, audio in

i looks like it could work very well paired with an axoloti


I can only applaud Korg for trying to make the user programmable oscillator/fx available to more people and I hope this will be accompanied by more easily accessible documentation. If I had the time I would love to build a tool that allows for abstraction from the C/C++ code and that generates custom oscillator/fx code from models.


This is a really cool idea I reckon. A nice playground for DSP. The only thing from superbooth that is tempting me to be honest.


My bad, I thought I posted this already for those who don’t want to code but want to use this as a cheap FX box. Look for the ones labeled Mod FX



This Tekt is on a collision course with my Takt.