KORG MS20 Full Size 2020

Looking at US$1399


that’s almost as much as a vintage one no? why such a higher price just to make the thing bigger?

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Hopefully because they have built it like the vintage ones and not like the cheap mini builds.



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Yeh. Reviews mentioning it’s a tank compared to the mini. But that’s probably just pillow talk. Which is okay, because I do plan to sleep with it when I get it.


Yeah, that’s what I do with my Matriarch. My girlfriend starts to get really jealous, and I don’t blame her :grinning:

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I’m not the only one who feels this thing is way overpriced am I?


It seems when Korg do it, no.

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If anyone gets this thing, please compare the keybed to a fatar keybed (which I like) and Moog Sub 37 keybed (which I hate) if possible.

Well the keybeds will feel totally different regardless of who makes them. Sub37 keys are a bit short, MS20 keys are a bit long. Length affects feel.

Anyway, I have an OG MS20 with the mk1 filter. The keys feel like they are 40 years old… still a damn fine synth though, such a sound! Glad to see korg making proper MS20s again.


Yes and no.
I imagined it’d be priced to fall between the Moog mother and matriarch, so I’m not surprised.
But if you look at it from the perspective of modern synths, falling between the A4mkll and Pro3, then you have to wonder why they didn’t sell it cheaper as a kit, like several years ago, just to look better in the market.

I think I might buy one of these… anyone thinking they’ll scoop?

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I have the OG, so no. but I could see snagging a used one as a backup in a few years, for a cheaper price. I love it that much. it’s a very flexible, fun and classic synth. and with the two filters, even more flexible.

FYI: I paid the same price for mine in 2008. it could use a servicing “once over” I’m sure. yours won’t need that (or anything else) for a decade or so.


I caved and ordered the white one. I’ve wanted an MS20 for years. I’m picking it up on Tuesday, so excited!

Watching this guy’s videos again, to build inspiration/anticipation…


The white is so gorgeous!

whoa whoa whoa whoa, are these finally shipping?? i’ve had a pre-order in forever.

I love this, thanks for the recommendation!

I don’t understand why they had to make an exact copy of the original, including that super awkward shape and ask that much money for it. It’s not an OG MS-20, cannot be because those components aren’t available anymore. Just make a module version and a modern, sleek version with keys that’s flat. This is why Behringer is outselling every other synth company right now.


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Yeah, the MS-20 deserves the SH-101 treatment. What are there, 4 versions of it floating around now?* I could do with some more options than the Behringer version.

I think the full-sized version is really just for collectors who want a new MS-20 that they can play without worrying about damaging. For such a customer the price is fine. It’s sort of like the reissues of the full-size ARP 2600 or minimoog, but still much cheaper because this is the MS-20 we are talking about.

*Roland SH-01a, Intellijel Atlantis, Behringer MS-01, and Superlative Instruments SB01