Korg Minilogue

Let the excitement, wailing and gnashing of teeth begin

Looks pretty cool, design looks AKeysish. For 500$ if it sounds good, Korg is going to have a real winner.

That’s the big “if”. Having all kinds of thoughts at the moment about dropping my plan to get a Prophet 6 desktop in the second half of 2016 and going for a Minilogue and Sub 37 instead … and not having to sacrifice my A4 into the bargain. Of course, my new provisional plan may not survive the first 20 seconds of the first audio demo…

I’m sure this will fulfill its role and sell like crazy, but I don’t think this is all that interesting. IMO an analog synth should have some kind of special sauce, be it the sequencer and modulation of the A4, the delicious moog filter, or the vintage flavour of an ms20, odyssey or jx3p…

Obviously we’re still to hear it and it might have an ace up its sleeve, but 4 voices of analog with barebones features doesn’t really get me going.

Edit: i’m being too sceptical i think - this might turn out to be really good, it’s great to see stuf that isn’t a reissue! Fingers crossed.

Well Korg has some nice analog filters. Even if it is just another MS20 filter this would be killer since there never was a polyphonic MS20. I also can’t get along easily with a synth with no patch memory, so an MS20 was always a nice to have but ultimately too much of a pain for me to own.

The little oscillo is the special sauce :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every time I see this, I think it says “Kylie Minogue”.

Just can’t get her out of your head, eh?

Me too!

I’m pretty sure that people will scream and moan about all that it doesn’t do, but if you want to consider the other four-voice poly analogs in the ~$500 range, well… there’s the Timbre Wolf! And… uh… well…

I am fairly excited, considering that in the grand scheme of synths this is in the “on a lark” price range, and you really can’t say that about any other polyphonic analog. I mean, except the dulcet tones of the Timbre Wolf.

The little oscillo is the special sauce :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[/quote]

FUCK !!! So I’m not alone … :zonked:

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FUCK !!! So I’m not alone … :zonked: [/quote]
…no you’re not :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: mmm…could this be korg’s sneaky maneuver to make us all become her fans?! :smiley:

Nothing replaces the Prophet 6.

Ive had the Prophet 6 for a few months and nothing comes close to what it brings to my tracks for what I want from it. The LFO, and poly mod section produce sounds instantly I cannot achieve with other stuff ive had, or tinkered with in a store.

That being said, I still want a Sub37 for its amazing properties as a mono/para/duo synth, I think it is going to be the perfect companion to my P6.

Yep, I think that I’ll just regret it if I end up going for a cheaper option. Considering all options at the moment - it is a lot of money to spend on a synth - but I have a feeling that in the end nothing else will do.

I do recall that around this time last year I was seriously interested in the Timbre Wolf …

How do you find the workflow? I’d also considered the Prophet 12 to get more modulation options, but I think what I’m really after is a straightforward poly that can give me great vintagey sounds with straightforward integration into a daw-centric workflow.

Definitely getting the Moog after that though. And then I’m done with buying synths. No more purchases. No more gas. Definitely.

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Prophet 6 has the “live panel mode” which appeals a lot to me. No matter what preset you are on, one button press takes you to the “real” knob values, no matter how horrible the sound might turn out. :slight_smile:

When I had the Moog Voyager, I was thrown off by the knobs suddenly being “out of position” when I would switch presets. For example, I’d set the filter cutoff knob to a certain spot, then if I changed a preset, the slightest touch of the knob would radically change the filter cutoff - yay digital control of analog! :imp: A “live panel mode” would have helped quite a bit there.

I’m disappointed the Minilogue will be a preset machine - but that could be mitigated by a “live panel mode”. If not, I’ll just save the money I would have spent on it towards a P6.

Prophet 12 was just updated with linear FM, so it can now do all those DX7 sounds.

So you would really rather the Minilogue have no presets? It has 100 user presets, and is quite tweakable it seems. Not exactly a preset machine like say the Oberheim Matrix 1000.

Wait it doesn’t have the same features as synths three to six times its cost? What horrors. :astonished:

Don’t think of it as a synth to replace a Prophet 6, maybe? Perhaps think of it as something that could supplement that Prophet (or Sub37 or A4 etc. etc.). I’m not planning on getting rid of any of my synths, but, depending on how it sounds, I could definitely see myself finding a home for the Minilogue beside them.